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I rush over to Chris, Drake and Connor with Jace in pursuit.

“Connor say goodbye to the lovely woman with the double DD’s, we need to get out of here.” Drake coos Connor, gritting his teeth as he tries to drag him away from the podium.

“Why?” Connor whines, his voice slurring from the alcohol “I’m the birthday boy, and I want to get a chance to motorboat those beauties!”

Connor was actually clinging onto the podium while Drake attempts to pull him away, and if it was any other circumstance I would be rolling on the floor laughing at how funny they both looked. But due to the fact we had about 3 minutes until the drug lord and his army of dealers were made aware of the fact we were here, my patience was running thin.

I reached over and dug my nails into Connor’s hands, causing him to let go of the podium with a shriek of pain and look at me pouting like a child.

“That hurt.” he whines, rubbing his hands.

“If you don’t pull yourself together Connor, I will do more things that will hurt!” I threaten, my teeth gritted. I couldn’t be too hard on him because I knew he was drunk. The rest of us had a few drinks tonight, but we were all still able to think clearly. Connor, obviously, couldn’t.

I turn my head to Drake “Get him out of here and go home. They don’t know that you two are with us, so we’ll stay and hold the fort down.” I gesture my head towards Connor “He’s in no state to be fighting right now.”

Drake shakes his head “No way, I'm not leaving for you to have to deal with this alone. You don’t even know how many of them there are.”

My patience was running paper thin by this point “It’s not your mission Drake, get Connor home safely.” I order, and I can still see the reluctance in his face “Look, you know me. I can handle myself.” I try and persuade, realising that ordering him to do anything will not work “I’ve got these two here with me anyway, so I have backup.”

He clenches his jaw, then after a few seconds of debating he nods his head. He pulls a stumbling Connor with him, holding him up by the waist as he helps him walk out of the club. Once I see they are clear out of the building and they are both safe, I turn my head back to Chris and Jace.

“Actually Jace, it’s probably better if you go with them.” I suddenly realise I had no idea how many of the drug lords people were here, and it was way too dangerous for him.

“Not a chance in hell. I’m here, I’m helping.” I recognised his tone. It was firm, and I knew that when he was like this there was no changing his mind. With a sigh, I gave up as I knew I didn’t have time to start persuading Jace to get out of here.

“So you’ve seen the drug lord here?” Chris asks, he too realising there was no use in trying to persuade Jace to leave.

I nod my head “He was talking to Hol-the other nurse earlier on.” I correct myself, not wanting to call her by her name. I had to detach myself from her, this was about completing the job, not about former bonds “I don’t recognise him, but I have a picture we can run through the system and get a name on.”

He nods his head, and he opens his mouth to ask a few more questions but he is interrupted as a gunshot goes off in the club, sending the crowd into a screaming mess of panic.

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