It is not often that I am rendered speechless.

I mean I remember once I was being held hostage by a group of terrorists who thought that they could use me as a bargaining chip to get a million pounds to fund their ‘free world’ organisation, and even as I was being held upside down on a meat hook with some Arabian bloke pointing a machine gun at my face I still had more than plenty to say.

But now, as I saw Jace pointing a gun at his father with that look of pure fury on his face, knowing he was attempting to save my life, I couldn’t find any words.

“I know you’re getting on a bit old man, but I’m sure even you heard me clearly.” Jace spoke again, his eyes locked on his father “Just in case you really are losing your hearing, I will repeat myself. Drop. The. Fucking. Gun.”

My eyes widened slightly as I heard his tone. He sounded vicious. He spoke to Rob Dixon like he was vermin and the hatred pouring out of his body was overwhelming. To be honest, it scared even me a little.

He looked like an agent.

Something I never wanted for myself, let alone let the man I love become one of them.

Ed would be having a field day if he was here right now.

“Jace, don’t be stupid.” Rob spoke, never letting the hold on his gun go “This has nothing to do with you. Just walk away.”

Jace shook his head “You’re pointing a gun in my girlfriend’s face; this has plenty to do with me.”

A small smile tugged at my mouth as I heard him say this. I mean I know we were technically together, but I had not heard Jace call me his girlfriend for over 3 years. It’s amazing how that little title felt so right.

The fact he still wanted to call me his girlfriend amazed me. I mean I have pushed him away so many times, and if by some miracle we make it out of here I will continue to do so because I don’t want him to have this life. I have punched him in the face, threatened to shoot him and tied him to a bed and yet he was still here for me.

Actually, that reminds me…

“How did you get out of the cuffs?” I ask Jace, remembering that last time I saw him he was tied to my bed with a scarf as a gag.

Rob’s brows furrowed as he stared at me like I was a complete freak, whereas Jace’s eyes flashed to me in annoyance as he shook his head.

“Let’s just say Josh is a lot more useful than we gave him credit for. And he is easy to threaten, so there is no risk of the guys knowing.” Jace explained, and even though we were in a very bad situation, I couldn’t help the snort of laughter that escaped my mouth.

Jace was lucky Connor and Chris didn’t find him, because if they did they would never in a million years let him live it down. He would be on his death bed and they would still be ripping the shit out of him about it.

“We will be having words about that later.” Jace warned me, and I had to bite back a laugh at his expression.

Rob butted in “I don’t think she will be having any words later, in case you have forgotten Jace I have a gun pointed at her face.”

Jace’s eyes were back on Rob “Which you will be lowering right about now or I will shoot you.”

Rob smirked “I am trained with a gun my boy. You pull that trigger I’ll still manage to pull mine and little miss blazing guns over here will be stone cold.”

“And so will you.” Jace replied without a hesitation, and I saw Rob freeze slightly as he realised Jace had a point. Even if Rob managed to shoot me, he would still be dead after. The thing is however I knew Jace was never capable of killing random dealers, let alone his own father.

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