My eyes began to flutter open, the bright light that was around me was making me squint as I regained consciousness.

When I finally managed to lift my head up and make the room stop spinning, everything came rushing back to me.

Saying goodbye to the guys and walking to the car, then getting jumped from behind and the chlorophorm knocking me out…

I was on a steel chair, my legs were tied to each chair leg and my hands were tied behind me. I struggled as hard as I could against the restraints but realised whoever did this made it so I had no hope in hell of getting out unless I had a handy little knife to cut me out.

“Shit!” I cured loudly after about 5 minutes of attempting to pry my hands free with no luck.

I breathed heavily, realising I was basically screwed. I knew that Ed’s associated would come after me, but I never anticipated it would be so early. I thought I had at least a couple of hours to get the hell on a plane and outta England.

I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, pissed off with myself for being so stupid and getting caught so easily. When I opened my eyes again, I realised something wasn’t right.

No, not the fact I was currently tied up, but of the current location I was being tied up in.

I was in a basement. Not just any basement, but a church basement.

How did I know this?

Because I had been in this basement before.

I looked at the corner of the dungy room, and sure enough there was the confession box to confirm that my suspicions were right.

This was the basement me and Jace hid out when we were getting chased by the dealers. This was the basement that we committed a very large sin and got freaky in the confession box.

I screwed by brows together in confusion as I realised this suddenly made no sense. Why the hell would the dealers take me here of all places?

“Did you like the sentimental thought behind the location I chose?” A voice suddenly broke my train of through as I looked at the stairs in front of me.

I saw the white and red high tops first, followed by some dark blue jeans and a red T-shirt that was tight around some broad shoulders, then when his grinning face finally came into view, I almost choked on air.

Jace Dixon.

He leaned back against the banister, crossing his arms casually over his chest and never losing the amused look on his face as he looked at me.

“Jace…” I trailed off, too shocked to process what was actually going on. Then, I got angry. "What the hell is going on and why the FUCK am I tied to a chair?!”

“Someone is wound a little tight…” He commented, trying to hold back laughter.

“Jace…” I warned through gritted teeth.

He chuckled “You’re tied to a chair because you’re a stubborn little idiot.”

I looked at him like he was a complete moron “You kidnapped me!”

He waved his hand dismissively “Oh well, it’s not like you haven’t been kidnapped before.”

I went to open my mouth to shout, but then realised how much like déjà vu this was turning out to be. 3 years ago Chris kidnapped me and brought me into this life, and just as I’m about to walk away from it the same thing happens.

Ironic huh?

“Where did you get the chloroform?” I suddenly wondered, realising chloroform was not something that Jace would be able to easily access. Hell, he probably didn’t even know what it did.

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