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So in the duration of time Jace has taken to go to the hospital toilet to pee, I had already managed to take out the dealer doctor and 3 hospital porters that tried to protect him. All 4 corpses were currently stashed in a cleaning cupboard, waiting for the janitor to find them and probably have a tiny heart seizure as he did.

Jace had walked off while we were trailing the hospital hallways, claiming he needed to ‘shake the anaconda.’ Nice to know his self esteem is anything but low.

I gripped onto the handle of the duffle bag that was on my back, gritting my teeth as I scanned the hallway and peeked into the rooms to see if there was any sign of Jace. He had been gone for about half an hour now. Either he had fallen down the toilet, or the idiot had got himself killed.

It was amazing how little the doctors and nurses noticed me as I walked through the hospital. They were clearly so caught up in their own lives and work they didn’t think it was the slightest bit suspicious that a little blonde girl with a clattering duffle bag on her back was wondering frantically around the hospital.

As I peeked into one of the rooms, hoping to see Jace inside it, I felt someone push me so I went stumbling into the room. My agent instincts completely took over, and in one swift movement I swung the duffle bag around to hit the guy in the head, which would cause some damage considering it had quite a few heavy guns in there. The guy ducked the bag with agility, and stood straight back up holding his hands in defence.

“Woah, Woah Chill Faith It’s me!” Jace exclaimed rapidly, obviously not wanting to be knocked out.

I narrowed my eyes at him and my body relaxed slightly once I realised the person pushing me into the room was not out to kill me.

“Where the hell have you been?” I hissed “No man has ever taken that long to pee!” My eyes widened as I finally looked him up and down and realised what he was wearing. “What the hell are you doing playing dress up?!”

He grinned boyishly, and lifted the white overcoat while glancing at it and shrugging “Oh, this old thing?”

I still had been unable to close my mouth as I stare him over in disbelief. He was wearing a doctor’s uniform. Blue top and pants, along with white shoes and a white overcoat. He really pushed the boat out to complete his look, he even had a stethoscope slung around his shoulders.

“Where did you get that?”

The grin was almost tattooed to his face “I may have found it in someone’s locker. That’s why I took so long.”

I looked at him suspiciously “How exactly did you get in the locker?”

He shrugged “Picked the lock.”

“You know how to pick locks?” I ask in disbelief, but I couldn’t help cocking my eyebrow as I was slightly impressed with his action. He really was impressing me today, even the way he ducked from the duffle bag a few minutes ago was remarkable considering the only training in that type of thing he gets is a cheap membership to a gym and drunken bar fights.

“Like I said yesterday, I fell into a bad crowd. For a few years I spend my time going on joy rides with stolen cars, drinking a crate of beer every night and robbing houses just so we could afford to pay for the beer. I may have picked up a few things along the way.” He explained.

I actually didn’t have a reply as I took his words in. He really did go downhill in the last 3 years. When I had last seen him he was a cocky little asshole who liked to play pranks and womanise girls, but he was never a criminal. Clearly things change.

“Care to explain why you are playing doctors and nurses?” I humour, wanting to change the topic of his off the rail behaviour. Mostly because I didn’t want to ask the question that would explain what caused him to go off the rails in the first place.

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