“I don’t know how you badass assassins do things, but standing in an empty hospital car park doesn’t really seem like a thrilling adventure.” Jace commented dryly as he stared around the empty car park, only the other patients and visitors cars filled it and a few ambulances that were surrounding us.

It was the day we went to the hospital to track down the drug dealers that were stashed here, blending in just like a normal people. If it wasn’t for the tips we had gotten, we could have been looking for a needle in a haystack. It could be anyone, the secretaries, nurses, doctors, patients. You name it; it could have been a possibility.

But due to our very handy way of acquiring information (using a pair of pliers in creative ways certainly loosens people up to start sharing what they know) we knew who we were targeting. There were the 3 nurses that we knew for sure were dealing, one doctor and a paramedic. As for their little back up team, also in the hospital to make sure the dealers had protection if anything went wrong, we were clueless as to how many of them there were. Guess we would find that our when the time came.

This should be fun.

I slipped my hands in my leather jacket, pulling it closer around my body as I stared at Jace, who was clearly bored. He had been excited all morning as well as nervous about going with us to do this job and waiting in a car park for half an hour was not the adrenaline rush he had hoped for. Chris was keeping look out for the target to come out, and I gave Jace an amused grin as I leaned my back against the ambulance that we were all hiding behind and waiting. I raised my knee and placed the bottom of my foot against the ambulance, looking completely relaxed as I couldn’t help the amusement in my face.

“What were you expecting, helicopter explosions and Chinese men doing martial arts off an ambulance?” I ask him. He doesn’t reply straight away as he looked a little dazed. I notice his eyes were not on my face, but he was staring at the way I was leaning back against the ambulance. 

The grin spread over my lips as I pressed my back against the ambulance, slipping my hand out of my leather jacket and pressing my palm against the cold surface behind me. I moved my hips slightly, biting my bottom lip and letting out a breath that resembled a moan “Jace?”

He licked his lips, and I had to bite back the laughter. He was full on getting turned on as I pressed my back against the ambulance? That boy has issues. I couldn’t help but notice how much I was enjoying this though, as I traced my fingers from my thigh up to my hips slowly, teasing him and mocking him with every movement. From the lustful look on his face, it was working. Again, I had to bite back laughter. This really was too easy. Having this hold over a man, Jace especially, was certainly entertaining. As his immoral eyes bore into my every movement, I suddenly felt myself getting a little turned on just from the look he was giving me.

“He’s here!” Chris called out suddenly, and I had to admit I forgot he was here. Wow, guess I got a bit carried away with that. Jace snapped out of whatever trance he was in, looking up and around to Chris abruptly at the interruption of his voice.

“Whose here?” Jace questions, looking back around to me and I notice a slight flush at his cheeks as he spots my knowing grin, telling him I knew exactly what he was picturing a minute ago.

“Target number 1.” I simply replied, pushing myself off the ambulance and walking past him. His eyes followed my every move, and as I brushed past him our eyes met and I actually felt a shiver run down my back at his gaze. I shook my head, snapping out of it and told myself I was on a mission. This came first, don’t let anything distract you. Especially not Jace.

I stood next to Chris, bending forward slightly as I too spotted the paramedic who was sat in the smoking area of the car park alone. He was clueless that we were here, watching him. I also noticed the two cameras that were pointing at his direction on the wall, meaning we could not just shoot him there and then.

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