The Shy Girl Has a Gun...Chapter 45

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For the first time in years, I was nervous.

My pride doesn’t really allow me to admit it, but scared was also something I was feeling as I walked through the front door of the building that has become so familiar to me in the last 3 years.

The Agency.

My eyes scanned from my left to my right, taking in the people that were working today so that my mind could work out just how fast this news was going to travel, or whether I had a hope in hell of even getting out of the building alive.

I smiled at the familiar receptionist as I normally do. I wanted to make sure I didn’t look suspicious. I was just here like I normally would be, looking through the files about the assignment I was currently on.

I made my way through the main lobby and towards the elevator, making small talk with a few of the other employees and agents that were here. I kept it short and brief, and before I knew it I was out of the elevator and on the floor that led to the surveillance room.

I knew that there would be someone manning the cameras, like there always was. The agency had cameras on every single corner and just like the hospital did, there was a room where the CCTV ran a live stream and someone keeping an eye to make sure that nothing fishy was going on.

I opened the door slowly and just as I predicted, there was a man with his feet up on the table in front of him keeping a watchful eye on the cameras. His back was to me, and as silently as I possibly could I made my way across the room until I was behind him.

I snapped his neck before he even realised he wasn’t alone in the room.

He tumbled out of the chair and fell to the floor lifeless, leaving me alone with the surveillance of the entire agency.

I found the camera screens I wanted, which overlooked the door of Ed’s office, as well as the other one that showed the inside.

I saw him sat at his desk, flicking through files as if he was an upstanding business man.

My teeth gritted together as I watched the man that I hated more than anyone else on this earth right now.

I tore my eyes away from the screen and after finding the correct buttons on the control panel in front of me, I froze every single camera of the agency so that from this point on there was no surveillance. I then put my attention to the computer on the table which held the footage that was filmed in case it had to be reviewed because of an intruder, setting  a virus loose on it so that all the footage that had been filmed for today was no longer accessible.

No good with computers my ass, look at me now Chris. (A/N: Anyone get the joke? Made me laugh haha.)

A small smirk appeared on my lips as I thought about the guys seeing me now, actually managing to work a computer and have it do what I wanted. So what if I didn’t know what that twitter thing was, when it comes to shit I need I’m a freaking computer nerd.

I left the room, feeling a tiny bit of relief as the first part of my plan was done. Unfortunately before I knew it I was on the floor that led to his office.

That’s where things got tricky.

Stood outside his door were two body guards at all times. Those duded were allowed one toilet break every few hours and if they left their posts without permission, then it was bye bye bodyguard and hello replacement that still had all his limbs. It was a sucky job but from what I heard it paid well so I could understand why there was always someone willing to replace the previous bodyguard. Getting paid a small fortune to stand outside of a door was easy money. It was the repercussions of the job that were not exactly explained to these men in the job interview that was the con of it.

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