From the corner of my eye I could see her moving, getting to her feet and looking around frantically like a scared lost little girl.

Only she wasn’t a little girl, but she sure as hell better be scared.

None of the guys had moved a muscle, all of them still silently sobbing the loss of their best friend. My eyes were raw from the crying, my mouth was dry and my breath was heavy as the anger kept building inside of me.

I gently took Drake’s head off of my lap, placing it on the floor and stroked his forehead once more with my thumb. I had to bite back another wailing sob as I leaned my face forward and placed a kiss on his forehead, scrunching my eyes together to keep back the tears.

Wiping my tears away quickly with the back of my hand, I realised the time for crying was over.

I pushed myself to my feet and turned to face Holly completely, my blood boiling as soon as my eyes landed on her. Her eyes were scanning the room obviously trying to find the quickest way out of here. Considering I was inbetween her and the exit right now, she knew she had little hope.

Her eyes snapped to me and I could see the panic in them. My face was like stone and the only thing that showed any emotion was the fury in my glare, and I knew she could tell how much fucking trouble she was in right now by the trembling of her knees.

She held her hands up in defence “Faith listen to me before you do anything.” she frantically tried to reason with me, and I let her carry on speaking still not moving a muscle. “I had to do it okay.”

The silence around the room echoed as she waited for me to speak, slowly backing away from me.

“Why?” it was the only word I could get out right now. I needed to know why she would do this, especially after we had saved her life. Given her a second chance.

“That’s what he wanted Faith, I had to do it!” Her voice was loud and hysterical, her explanation coming out almost desperately as if she was scared I was going to snap any second. To be fair, she had a point on that one. “Rob said we had to get rid of the agents, and I was his best shot at doing it because you knew me. He knew that no matter how many of his guys he set on you lot, you wouldn’t lose. I had to do it because you didn’t suspect me.”

I kept the rage inside of me, trying to stay as calm as possible but still having to speak through gritted teeth “So you’re telling me you killed my best friend because of a fucking Drug Runner?!”

“He saved me Faith!” she screamed hysterically “He took me away from my old life and he saved me when I hit rock bottom, I had to do it for him!”

“He saved you?!” I repeated with a humourless laugh. I made a show of looking around the room, snapping my head from one side of the room to the other. “Where is your knight in shining armour then Holly? Cos I don’t see him anywhere in sight.” I took small steps towards her as she carried on distancing herself from me “The man you think so highly of has left you in a room full of pissed of agents who would all get in an orderly line for a chance to rip your throat out because you killed someone they love.” My voice was toxic, and I could see it in her face that she was getting even more scared as I carried making my way towards her calmly. But there was nothing calm about the way I was feeling right now “He got you to do his dirty work and now he couldn’t care less if you lived or died like the mug that you are.”

I hit a nerve I could tell because her eyes began to water. I guess hearing that the man you put on a pedestal doesn’t give a flying fuck about you really hits you where it hurts.

“I had to do it.” She forced out, her voice thick with tears. I was still gaining on her slowly, and to be honest I could understand the growing fear in her eyes. I must look a state, my top ripped and covered in blood along with the burns and stitches on my legs, the bruises on my skin. Then there was the blood trickling down from my hand. Drake’s blood that was like a reminder of why I had to do this. What I had to do this for.

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