Damn Jace. Damn me. Damn our stupid argument which apparently was so loud it caught the attention of every dealer within a 7 mile radius.

The 2 dealers are now about 5 feet away from me, looking me up and down with amusement in their faces. I raised my brows at their expressions. Clearly all they saw was a short little blonde girl.

“This is the agent that has been causing all this hassle?” One of the guys says to the other, laughing slightly. The other guy joins in his laughter.

“It must be. I don’t know how, I mean what if she breaks a nail in the middle of a fight?” The other guy jokes and both of them roar with laughter.

I suck air in through my teeth, irritation washing over me “Are you two jokers quite done?”

The first guy composes himself “Okay darling, calm down don’t wanna stress that pretty little head of yours out too much.”

My nails dig in my palms as I try and contain my anger at these two sexist assholes “Why don’t you step forward then I’ll rip that inflated head of yours off those steroid pumped shoulders?”

They both ‘ooohh’ at my anger, causing it to flare further.

“Goldilocks is getting angry.”

“Maybe she will call the 3 bears to come and rescue her.”

As they both stand there laughing until they turn red, I let out a breath as I reach into the pocket of my denim shorts, letting the two jokers have their laugh and taking my time. I pull out the silver knife knowing that they are too busy clutching their stomachs in hysteria to even pay attention to the little blonde girl in front of them.

I flick open the butterfly knife, and with a quick flick of my wrist send the blade flying through the air and plunging into the heart of one of the laughing gorillas. His laughter quickly stops as he grunts and clutches the knife sticking out of his chest, before stumbling to his knees and staring at me wide eyed as the life drains out of him.

I smile broadly, before checking my fingers over and dramatically gasp in shock. “Look at that, I didn’t even break a nail!” I squeal excitedly, putting a hand to my mouth to carry on my girly charade.

“Bitch...” The guy speaks his final words before tumbling face first into the concrete, dead.

His friend who was staring at his dead buddy with his jaw touching the ground looked at me.

“Now it’s your turn pal.” I inform him, the sweet smile still on my lips “You just pissed off goldilocks, and the thing is she doesn’t need 3 bears to come to her rescue.”

I lunge forward at the guy, turning before I reach him and elbowing him square in the jaw. I grab his head and pull it so the guy comes tumbling over my shoulder and onto his back. I raise my knee up to plant my foot in his face, but to my surprise his reflexes are quick and he rolls out of the way.

I curse as the impact of slamming my foot onto the ground caused the cut on my upper thigh to throb in pain. I looked at it and realised it was bleeding pretty bad. A band aid definitely won’t help this one.

I was too busy checking out my bleeding leg I was too late to fight back as the guy got to his feet and grabbed my shoulders, throwing me up against the car forcefully. He went to charge at me, and a few seconds before he would have flattened me against the body work of the car, I moved to the right, using the roof of the car to pull myself up as well as using the smashed car window as a step stool. I got to the top of the roof with ease, standing high so I was looking down at the gorilla who had gone charging face first into the car. I snorted a laugh. That was pretty funny.

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