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Nerd is a billionaire by prynks
Nerd is a billionaireby B Priyanka Reddy
Meet Macy Anderson the model and fashion designer. She is also undercover as a nerd in school by name Candice Jackson. Shy and scared. In actual life she is a billionair...
The Undercover Popstar by Jasmienx
The Undercover Popstarby Jasmienx
Mia Williams is a worldwide pop sensation with two albums and fans who adore her. Music will always be her passion but sometimes being in the spotlight is just to much f...
The Agent's Priority by -Dreamwrote-
The Agent's Priorityby -Dreamwrote-
Agent Zaiarhys Maksimov, a special and an important asset to the FBI agency along side her partner She's independent, cold, emotionless, with a wall as high and as stron...
The Shy Girl Has a Gun by makeandoffer
The Shy Girl Has a Gunby makeandoffer
Faith Mitchell was never confident. She was happy to blend into the background, much to the protest of her friends. At 16, her life was a normal teenage cliche. She was...
Being a Model of Victoria's Secret by wickedace
Being a Model of Victoria's Secretby wickedace
A short story about a not-so-normal high schooler named Massie Smith. She is actually one of Victoria's Secret's Angels. You may think being a model is easy, but that's...
The Nerd Is Really A Famous Actress by DeadlyRedhead
The Nerd Is Really A Famous Actressby Red
Nikki Devron is not your average teenager. In school she is Lana Pageant, the nerd who everyone picks on. In real life she is one of the most famous actresses in the wor...
Bad For Me(BoyxBoy) *Editing* by boyxboy4_life
Bad For Me(BoyxBoy) *Editing*by boyxboy4_life
"Pull the trigger," he gritted out through clenched teeth. The look of pure hatred that he held on his face will forever be sketched into my memory. That look...
Protecting the school's idiots by RiskyShadow
Protecting the school's idiotsby S.
~~~ "You are a monster and you will always be one. There was never a turning back for it, never. I know you're special but it's so uncommon that someone can change...
The Undercover Victoria's Secret Model  by hehecindy
The Undercover Victoria's Secret M...by cindy♕
Gigi Hadid - A bubbly beautiful model, also known as Victoria's Secrets' #1 model. Macy Kingsley - A nerdy bookworm that only has two best friends. What's the difference...
Alliance [1] ✔️ by lustenvy
Alliance [1] ✔️by Bec
"Choose your team carefully, you'll be fighting beside them for the rest of your life." "No." • • • THE PAST CAN BE YOUR WEAKNESS . . . Agent Eleve...
My Nerdy Girl | Jeon Jungkook✔ by JungKook_Good
My Nerdy Girl | Jeon Jungkook✔by sayH
Lee Jieun is a nerd, but not completely a 'nerd'. She just wears big, black glasses. She's a top student. But when she's outside of her school, she is a completely diffe...
Endless Fighting by CPearl89
Endless Fightingby C
Stone Fox. The name that people always cower at. She is a ruthless and undefeated fighter and the fastest racer in her city. I would know because I am Stone Fox. My name...
Crushing On Your Majesty;The girl he hated by suzangill98
Crushing On Your Majesty;The girl...by suzangill98
"I don't do relationships,I don't love Miss Williams ..I just fu**...is that what you want from me so that you stop following me?" His straightforward question...
Princess Undercover ✔ by SmashingInnocence
Princess Undercover ✔by Anonymous
Noah looked at me for a second before moving closer. I sucked the card off his lips but it faltered and fell to the ground. A second later I felt a pair of lips on mine...
Ms F. B. I. by lovethosa
Ms F. B. I.by loveth
Scarlett Cole. one of the best agents. has a mission to catch the drug dealers in highschool. the druggies suspect someones on their case and try and be discreet but...
Code Red by Sasaeyyy
Code Redby Sara
Tw: Drugs, smoking, smut. {Enemies to lovers} George and Dream are in a group of spies trying to solve missions and help people. They hate each other, but are paired...
Undercover Agents (J.JK ff) by Kookieapplebts
Undercover Agents (J.JK ff)by Apple 🍎
Under those nerdy glasses is Koreas most prestigious agent. You.
The Crimson Queen by MsDarkerdays
The Crimson Queenby MsDarkerdays
After ending the war between the two kingdoms, the princess of Lyria and her bonded the King of Walznor, choose to part ways. Princess Alice wants to go home before retu...
Call Me Master Mr President (MxM) by janNder9
Call Me Master Mr President (MxM)by janâ Nderâ
MXM RATED R MATURE CONTENT Best rankings #1 in special agent #2 in hotness #3 in 21 #2 in begging #1 in edge