You have to be kidding me

New job and the first location happens to be the workplace of the one and only Jace Dixon?

I know I am going to hell when I die, but it doesn’t mean God has to put me through it while I’m still alive!

The bugs we planted last night were useful, because we had been listening in all day to see if anything suspicious did happen in the shop to lead us to the dealers. It also showed me than in 3 years, Jace has not changed and is still screwing anything that walks. I didn’t realise as me and Chris were monitoring the wires that the person screwing in the stockroom was him, but now it seems pretty logical actually.

Once I was done killing the two assholes who stormed in out of nowhere and my eyes landed on him, I literally forgot how to breathe. So many feelings rushed to me at once, more feelings than I have actually felt in about 3 years. They were a mixture of many things, but the only ones I’m going to focus on are hatred and loathing.

He was the same basically, not only in personality. His hair was shaved and a lot shorter than I remember, but apart from the fact that he has aged he looked identical to what he did 3 years ago. He was taller and maybe a little broader around the shoulders. You could tell that he spent a little too much time at the gym.

His eyes were glued to me in utter shock. I couldn’t blame him really, I was supposto be dead after all.

“How-How are you...” he stuttered, unable to find words from his stunned state. His eyes scanned me up and down, and he blinked a few times as if making sure that I was actually here and wasn’t just going to disappear.

I remained quiet, and to my utter astonishment he did something that I would not have expected. He closed the distance between us and took me in his arms, engulfing me in a tight hug. I didn’t push him off, mostly because I was so stunned at what he had just done.

“It’s really you...” He breathed into my shoulders, his voice sounding like it was about to break any second “Your really here.”

I did not return the hug and just stood there unable to move or say anything. My body unwillingly began to relax a little, and I closed my eyes as he refused to let me go. Having him this close to me after 3 years was so strange, but it was the closest I have come to my old life.

“I’ve misse-” his voice was cut off as I heard a crashing sound from the stock room, and I opened my eyes to see the guy Chris was wrestling earlier tumble out the back with cuts and blood all over his face. He frantically looked behind him to see if he was being followed, then at the scene before him which was me and Jace hugging. I immediately pushed Jace off me and went to reach for my gun and end that asshole, but before I could have a clear shot he was across the room. He grabbed that crying chick that must have been the one screwing Jace in the stockroom earlier, and held MY knife to her throat. MY knife. The one that asshole I choked with a shoelace knocked out of my hand. MY freaking knife. If you couldn’t tell, I was not one for sharing my possessions.

Chris came running into the room, and he froze as he saw the guy holding that crying bitch hostage.

“Stay the fuck away or I swear I will slice her throat open.” He warns everyone, pressing the knife a little harder on the girl’s throat. She lets out a cry of fear. I resist the urge to roll my eyes at her pathetic noises.

The guy begins to move towards the entrance doors that Chris and I smashed earlier, walking backwards while using the girl as a shield.

“Fuck this.” I announce, grabbing my gun and aiming at the guy. I didn’t care if she was collateral damage, that guy had to die. Before I could pull the trigger, I felt a hand on my arm pushing it back down. I look up at Chris and he shakes his head. I give him a desperate pleading look for him to let me just shoot the guy, but he refuses.

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