“On your feet Dixon.” I repeat.

“If I stand up, will you use me as the punching bag?” Jace ask in mock fear, and my eyes drift off as if I am day dreaming with a wistful smile on my face.

“You have no idea how appealing that sounds...” I utter mockingly, raising a hand and placing it over my chest for impact.

As I do this, his eyes suddenly focus on what is directly in front of him. He was still sat down as I was stood directly in front of him and he was eye level with my stomach. His eyes drifted down until they were on my bare thighs, he licked his bottom lip and I could just see the crude thoughts running through his head.

“Don’t even talk to me about how appealing something is...” He drifts off, his voice husky as his eyes are glued to my legs.

His view was cut short as I grab him by the scruff of the neck and pull him to his feet until it was me looking up at him this time. I always loved how he was taller than me, almost dominant. My hand was still grabbing his collar, and he smirked.

“Jace, just so we are clear, rule number 1 is you keep those leering eyes of yours up north, as in my face and nothing below it.” I order, my voice clearly ticked off. I give him a fake smile “We wouldn’t want you to wake up blind one morning would we?”

His smirk widens “As long as the last sight I see is those toned thighs wrapped around my shoulders, loss of sight I could handle.” The grip on his neck tightens and I clench my jaw, but I have to fight to keep the smile from escaping on my mouth.

“Remember rule number 1.” I hiss “Rule number 2, hands to yourself or I will be forced to cut them off.”

“Any more rules?”

I think for a minute “No, I think that should be okay for now. I’ll tell you if I think of anymore.”

I let go of his neck and step back slightly, a mocking smile on my lips and I point at the mats gesturing for him to walk to them. He narrows his eyes at me as he walks to the middle of the mats, and I join him shortly after positioning myself so I am stood directly in front of him.

“So c’mon Dixon, show me what you got.”

He pulls the corners of his lips down, covering the smirk “You know full well what I got.”

I roll my eyes at his comment “Must everything be sexual with you?”

“It makes things more interesting.” He replies, shrugging.

“Well for a few minutes, can you knock those perverse thoughts out of your brain and concentrate?”

“Not while your sweating and wearing that.” He mutters, his eyes once again drifting down to my legs.

My hand swings out and I jab him in the stomach with the tips of my fingers forcefully, and in an instant he is clutching his stomach trying to catch his breath.

“Remember rule number 1.” I fake smile, although the sight of him in pain right now is making me warm inside.

“Must everything be violent with you?” he chokes out, quoting me from mere seconds ago.

“It makes things more interesting.” I mock, and he glares at me as he stands up straight again. “So c’mon Jace, show me what you can do.”

I hold my hand out immediately threateningly as his smirk appears again, stopping him from making any type of sexual comment. He sighs before replying “What do you want me to do Faith, fight you?”

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