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I hated airports.

I mean they’re always so overcrowded that you’re practically tackling people out of the way just to get to the check in desk, there are never any seats in the waiting lounge because its full of selfish idiots who spread out on about 4 of them to catch up on ‘much needed sleep’ and don’t take into account others who would like to sit down. You’re always guaranteed to have little kids running around screaming ‘DISNEYLAND!’ and you have to hold yourself back from booting the annoying fuckers in the face.

Mostly I hated airports because for the last 3 years whenever I visited one, I would have to watch as people got off the planes and were greeted with open arms by their boyfriends, parents or friends. I would have to walk through the airport alone while everyone around me had someone to go back to when they got off the plane.

That’s never a nice feeling.

I took a deep breath as I walked past the girl who was hugging the crap out of who I’m guessing was her boyfriend, crying hysterically and telling him how much she missed him. I ignored her as best as I could not just because I was on my own and she clearly had someone there who loved her, but also because she looked a bit of a twat considering the scene she was making.

I’m not a big fan of public affection, especially when they resemble a scene from a cliché rom com.

Yeah I was on my own at the minute and a little bitter about it.

The drive to the airport from the church basement took about an hour and I was getting on the first plane to Australia to get the hell away from this town, this country and these bastards who want my head on a stick for killing Ed.

When I got my luggage checked in that was like a surreal experience.

It was one of the first glimpses of what my life will feel like now I am no longer an agent. It was strange going through airport security without the fear of getting caught with explosives on you or someone spotting the gun that was professionally hidden in your luggage.

It was the first time in a few years where I could just put my luggage onto the conveyer belt and watch it go away without fearing I would get tackled to the ground any minute by a security guard and having to sit in a police cell until Ed rang up and explained that I was not a terrorist but in fact someone attempting to protect you from terrorists. Knowing I wouldn’t have to wait hours to be let out because in the end I always would, that was one of the pro’s of being an agent.

One pro that I didn’t have any more because I was no longer an agent.

That thought alone put all other thoughts of having to face the crying loved up couple on my own to the back of my head and tattooed a smile on my face for a good 10 minutes.

Less than half an hour after checking in, I heard the voice echo around the waiting lounge telling people that flight 170 to Sydney Australia was ready for boarding.

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