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A/N: Hey guys, this chapter is probably the first one so far that has a lot of action in it, and i was really nervous about writing it because my knowledge of fighting and guns goes about as far as the Die Hard films, so please let me know what you think! Hope i didnt make it too sucky for you, and votes and comments are always appreciated ;)

Thank you for reading and enjoy!



“So I’m guessing you found the bugs then?” The blonde girl questions Dan and Freddie. They do not reply and just stare at both the man and woman with wary eyes.

Should I warn them that Dan has a gun?

“Right guys, you can come out from behind there and we can talk this out if you want?” The man, who is Chris I’m guessing from what the girl called him earlier, calls over to Dan and Freddie behind the counter, his tone sounding friendly.

I see Dan and Freddie glance at each other exchanging a look, then as quick as a flash they both stand to their feet pointing a gun at the man and woman, but not yet shooting. Where the hell did Freddie get a gun?! Why does Freddie have a gun?! I had known him for almost a year; he did not strike me as the gun wielding type! Chris had said something about drug dealers earlier but it didn’t quite register until now, was Freddie a drug dealer with a gun?!

I hear Chris sigh and shake his head “Why do they always have to go for the violent version of this story?” He asks dramatically to no one in particular. If it wasn’t for the fact that there were guns involved in this situation, I would laugh at the guy. He’s quite funny.

I hear a gunshot go off, and both Chris and the girl dive out of the way, the girl diving left and Chris diving right. Chris runs over to the counter faster that you could think was possible, places a hand on it and jumps over sending a kick to Dan’s face on the way down. They both continue fighting, the gun had been knocked out of Dan’s hand and they stumble into the stockroom and out of sight.

Naomi clutched onto my arm, squealing in fright. I had forgotten she was still there as I had been frozen to the spot on the floor in the corner of the shop, my eyes glued to the blonde girl who was stood on the tyre that customers used as seating. I saw a small smirk appear on her lips as Freddie pointed the gun at her again.

“Do you really need a gun to take me on Fredster?” She mocked. He clenched his jaw and pulled the trigger. I gasped waiting for the bullet to hit her, but to my utter shock as soon as the sound went off she had jumped into the air, grabbing hold of the hanging ceiling lights we had in the shop and completely avoiding the shot. She swung on the ceiling light, landing on her feet with easy right in front of Freddie and laying a punch in his face.

How she did that with heels on is beyond me.

She booted him straight in the stomach, sending him flying back towards the shelves, and with another kick the gun went flying out of his hand.

Freddie looked at her clenching his jaw in fury. He grabbed one of the heavy shoe shaped fixtures off the shelf, and swung it around aiming for the girls head. She quickly dodged it, thank god because if that hit her she would have been knocked unconscious or dead. He swung it around again, and she kept backing away avoiding every hit. She had backed straight up into the counter, and she looked around hastily for something to use against him before he swung one more time, hitting her for sure. Just before he could sway his arm forward again, she grabbed the cash register off the counter and with a scream threw it at him, knocking him off his feet with the force of it hitting his chest.

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