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I was prepared to be tackled to the ground before I even reached the driveway.

I knew I was in for hell when I got home and finally came face to face with Chris and Connor. I mean judging by the last phone call with them I knew that they were a little, shall we say, upset about me going behind their backs and killing Ed without any of their help.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I was greeted with a slap, or maybe even a 9 inch blade thrown at my face. I’ve known those boys a while and I know when they are angry, they are freaking scary. Letting something go is not really their strong point.

Which is why I was baffled when I finally got home and was greeted by no one, just silence.

I walked into the living room and threw my keys onto the coffee table, scanning the room with no luck of finding any other human life. I knew they were in because both the cars were still in the garage. I listened for any movement but everything was just quiet.

Too quiet.

“Guys?” I called out, turning to attempt to look through the rest of the house “Anybody home?”

Silence. Nothing.

I stood still, still straining my ears for any slight noise.

I genuinely almost shat my pants as I turned around, thinking I really was in the house alone, to see a pissed off looking Connor inches away from my face.

“Pika-fucking-boo.” He smiled bitterly, distracting me long enough to not realise there was someone behind me.

I was spun around so fast I didn’t have a chance of stopping it. Next thing I knew, I was over someone’s shoulder with my face almost in what I am guessing is Chris’s ass.

“Chris put me down now.” I ordered, rolling my eyes at their childish act.

What were they going to do lock me in a room and lecture me for going behind their backs?

“Oh sorry, is that you asking me something specifically? Sort of like when we asked you not to do anything without us.” Chris humours, the sarcasm dripping out of his mouth “Guess if you don’t follow our requests I don’t have to follow yours princess.”

Again I rolled my eyes, realising that we were now moving through the house. I could tell Connor was close by following us to wherever Chris was taking me.

“Look I’m sorry okay but what’s done is do-HOLY MOTHERFUCKING HELL!” My screams must have echoed throughout the town as Chris finally put me down and threw me in the bathtub.

Which was filled waist deep in ice.

Freezing, mind numbingly cold ice.

I gripped the sides of the tub, the shrieks escaping my mouths as the cold pierced through my body, the shock of it making me scream more than anything.

“ARE YOU TWO FREAKING CRAZY!” that was not a question.

I looked up and saw both of them stood over the tub, looking down at me with their arms crossed over their chests looking pretty pleased with themselves.

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