I stare back at his warm eyes, my own expressionless. There was no way I could let this man waltz back into my life and turn everything upside down, especially not after everything he had put me through all those years ago.

I pushed myself off the floor and to my feet, stumbling slightly as I got used to putting pressure on my stitched up leg. Jace was immediately on his feet with his hands shooting out to support me. I instantly snatched away from his hands, not meeting his eyes and silently walking over to the duffle bag on one of the tables.

I could feel his eyes boring into me, his warm look from before turning colder at the fact I backed away from his touch. I pulled the mobile phone out of the duffle bag and hit the speed dial, waiting for Chris to pick up. The phone did not even ring once when the no signal tone started beeping. I cursed under my breath and held the phone up in an attempt to get any signal bars.

“Drake not picking up?” Jace’s voice quizzed, the bitterness clear.

I froze at his question, realising that was in fact a dig “I’m ringing Chris.” My tone is calm “The sooner we get the hell out of here the better.”

He scoffed “Yeah cos god forbid you being stuck down here for a length of time that might risk us talking about what happened.”

I clenched my jaw, again pissed that he could see right through me “There’s nothing to talk about. I fucked Drake last night, I fucked you 3 years ago and neither meant anything.”

Even I was surprised by how cold my tone was as the words escaped my mouth, and I saw him noticeably flinch before his expression turned deadly.

“Banging Drake may have meant nothing, but don’t even lie to my face about me and you Faith.” He almost hisses “You climbed out of my bed last night because things got a little too real for you, so you did the new little Faith thing and acted like a heartless bitch by climbing into another guys bed minutes later.”

My face let nothing go even as the voices in my head were screaming ‘BINGO’. I knew the argument in the car was not over, but I was sort of hoping it would carry on at a location I could quite easily walk away from, or better yet sprint away from.

“What can I say, I guess I was taking a leaf out of your book.” I reply, a fake smile plastered on my lips. “You have conveniently forgotten that what I did last night you did to me EVERY night when we were together 3 years ago. You would get what you want and then crawl back to that slut.”

He sighed in aggravation and ran a hand through his hair “So you sink to my level?!” he almost yells “Faith seeing you with him last night made me want to vomit because you shouldn’t be with anyone else but me!”

The silence around the room echoed and it was like what he had just said slipped out of his mouth. Well, I thought it slipped out of his mouth, but judging by the determined look on his face it was obvious that was exactly what he wanted to say. Exactly what he had wanted to say for a while now.

“Jace you’re like a child. You see something someone else has and you want it. You never gave a shit about me when we were going out or when we were sneaking behind everyone’s back and you still don’t give a shit about me now. So stop. Just stop.”

His eyes blazed in fury as he look at me, his fist balled “I never gave a shit about you?” he repeated like it was the most ridiculous thing ever “You are the only thing I have ever given a shit about!”

My eyes bore into him and again my face is like stone “Why did you cheat on me then?” My voice was like ice, and he closed his eyes and inhaled as I brought this up, the regret clear in his face “Why did you use me for all that time?” my questions were rhetorical, because at the end of the day I knew the answer to them. He didn’t give a damn.

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