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“How the hell do you manage to afford a place like this?” Jace asks wide eyed as he stared at house just before stepping inside.

I shrug “Murdering people pays pretty well.”

His eyes snap to me, gazing at me not only in shock at my words, but there was a flash of something that looked like sympathy?

I don’t bother over analysing the look. I was too tired to be honest; we had just dumped the bodies of the two a-holes, cleaned out the back of the car and driven 45 minutes to get back to the house. I needed sleep. If only I could sleep.

Chris walks into the hallway just as I’m taking my jacket off and hanging it on the rack. He has a smile on his face that is extremely forced, and he looks a little nervous. I look at him questioningly.

“What have you done?” I accuse.

“Um...Well you know what Connors like...” he drifts off, and I close my eyes inhaling deeply as I immediately know what he is getting at.

“Who’s Connor?” Jace asks, looking between me and Chris in confusion about what we were talking about.

“That would be me civilian!” Connor walks in holding his hands in the air and smiling cheerfully. He walks straight up to Jace, holding his hand out and greeting him in that man way which involves their hands slapping together and doing this weird shoulder hug thing. Men and their weird habits. “You must be Jace?”

Jace nods “Yeah, cheers for letting me crash with you by the way. I sort of don’t want to be killed by drug dealers.”

Connor laughs, and then turns to me while pointing at Jace “I like him already.” He puts his arm over Jace’s shoulder while leading him into the living room. “And don’t worry about crashing, any friends of Faith’s is a friend of ours.”

“He’s not my friend.” I mutter, apparently not low enough because Jace and Connor both turn to look at me. Connor looks amused and confused as he stares between me and Jace.

“Ohhh I get it, you two bumped uglys and now you want to kill each other?” Connor guesses, and I shoot him daggers “No offence mate, but if it came to a fight between the two of you, she would beat you like a bitch.” Connor laughs as he slaps Jace’s back. I smile arrogantly at Jace, who rolls his eyes and scoffs.

They both walk into the house, and I turn to Chris.

“Why is he like an excited toddler when he meets new people?” I ask Chris exasperated.

He shrugs “He was an only child; he takes all the company he can get.”

I scowl as I walk into the living room and see Connor handing Jace a beer while they both laugh like they have known each other for years. I knew Connor could make friends with someone instantly, but this is ridiculous. I turn to Chris ready for him to join in my glares at the new best buddies in the kitchen, but find he is not by my side anymore but walking over to the two while requesting a beer of his own. He cracks the lid off the beer, and shrugs while looking at me as if saying ‘hey, I like the guy.’

“Where’s Drake?” I question as I give up on Chris sharing my views on having Jace invade our house. I walk into the kitchen roughly snatching the beer out of Connors hand and sitting on the table. He glares at me, before grabbing another beer.

“Pissing.” Connor simply replies as I take sip of my beer.

“Lovely.” I comment dryly, suddenly not wanting the beer in my hand anymore. Chris looks at me with a sly smirk on his face, before lifting his eyebrows suggestively. I ignore his look, knowing very well what he is getting at.

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