A/N Right guys, i have had a few messages saying that the actor i casted for Faith didnt really work for them, and a few of you have said you've rather have Taylor Momsen as she was a better fit for her, so i have changed it and she now plays the part of Faith :D

Also, i know its taken a long time for her to actually go back to her hometown, but in order to the story to make sense and not seem to rushed things need to be cleared up before she goes back.

But i promise you, the next chapte she is back in the hometown starting the new mission AND she comes face to face with one of her friends! so please keep reading, next chapter will also have a lot more action in it!



I sipped my coffee slowly in the silence of my living room. It was 8am and I had been awake for around half an hour, I was currently in my pyjama shorts and the hoodie that I just can’t seem to throw away, sat on my sofa not bothering to switch on the TV and just enjoyed being there on my own. Getting up this early was nothing new for me, I found lie ins now almost impossible as I had a hard enough time sleeping in the first place. To be honest, I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since I became an agent.

None of the other guys were up yet, I heard Chris snoring as I walked past his room this morning. Connor and Drake must be asleep as well because when I got back from the mission last night I did not see Connor on the sofa watching his usual crappy reality TV that involved a lot of idiots drinking and fighting.

Connor and Drake were both agents too. As soon as I joined the agency, I was obviously not allowed to go home while I trained so I had moved in with Chris and his two housemates, Drake and Harry. Harry was also an agent, but he was killed on a mission around 6 months after I moved in, and he was quickly replaced by Connor. That was how the agency worked. They never exceeded the number of agents and always had 20, but as soon as one died they would recruit the next one in mere days.

I had been living with the guys for almost 3 years now in this 5 bed roomed house. I was surprised by how big the house was when I first moved in considering Chris was 18 at the time, Drake was 20 and Harry was only 17, but The Agency paid well therefore the young lads could afford a house like this. Connor was only 16 like me when he was recruited, and you could tell he was the youngest. By that, I don’t just mean by age. He had been in the firm for less time than the rest of us, and the novelty of being an assassin has not worn off.

Connor liked the idea of being a badass spy, whereas the rest of our attitudes to it were a little differently. To me, Drake and Chris it was a burden, not a novelty. But after 3 years of living with it, you put up with it. Chris has been in the firm now for over 4 years, and Drake had beat us all by serving a whopping 6 years here. That was pretty impressive considering that you are lucky to survive past 3.

So, anyway to clear it up I lived with 3 other guys who are all part of The Agency. Chris Jackson who was 21 and was my partner. Drake Compton was 23 and his partner was 19 year old Connor Saturday.

I took another sip of my coffee as I heard the footsteps approach the living room/kitchen. The room was huge and on one side was a dining room table and chairs where the kitchen side was, and the living room side was separated with the 4 seat sofa with a coffee table in front and a 52inch plasma screen TV. There were 1 single seat sofa and a love seat as well. It sounded like way to many seats for only 4 people, but the house was 75% male which meant that Xbox was a big part of this house, and having different seating options gave them more of an angle when they were playing. That was their explanation anyway.

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