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You know when you say something, and the other person doesn’t register what you said and are just staring at you with a dumb expression waiting for you to explain it further, not quite believing what you have just said?

Jace was giving me that look right now.

He was silent for a while, the dumb look plastered on his stupidly handsome face “Huh?”

“I’m going on my own.” I repeat.

He looks like he is deep in thought, the dumb look getting dumber by the second. He finally shakes his head “Nope, still not making sense.”

I sigh, rubbing my forehead slightly as I know where this conversation is going to go “I am leaving on my own Jace, you can’t come with me.”

“Now that still seems like a massive pile of dog shit, because I am the only one who decides what I do and I can, and will, come with you.” The dumb expression is gone and replaced by annoyance.

“I am getting out on my own, no one else is getting dragged down with me.”

He takes a step back and flings his arm in the air in desperation “For fuck sake woman, no one is getting dragged down with you. Hasn’t it crossed your mind that maybe Connor and Chris want out of this life as well and that’s why they want to help?” he almost yells “You never struck me as selfish Faith.”

My eyes narrow and the daggers I throw him are vicious “The last thing I am is selfish.” I tell him, my voice cold “You don’t even know what I am going to do so do not stand there judging when you have no clue about anything!”

“Well tell me then!” He screams back “How am I ever meant to ‘judge’ you properly if you keep everything to yourself all the time?!”

I stay quiet for a minute, watching him as he is waiting for a reply. I sigh again, calming myself down as I decide to explain it to him “I’m going to kill Ed.”

He blinks at me, stunned at my words for a few seconds before he comes back to reality “Well if you’re going to kill him then what’s the problem?”

I roll my eyes at how naïve he is. The moron. “The problem is that when I kill him his associates will not let that go lightly. Ed runs the agency, its his firm and yes once I kill him there will be no agency because the leader will be gone and no one will take his place, meaning that the agents will be free of this life, which by the way would include Chris and Connor so I just want to add a big ‘fuck you’ for the earlier selfish comment.” I add quickly, giving him the bird for impact and watching his eyes roll before his attention is on me again waiting for me to finish “The other leaders of the other firms will not let it go because they need to set an example. They cannot let one of their own be killed so they will hunt down the person who did it in order to keep their precious reputations. They will not give a shit about the other agents, but they could be hunting me down for years after I do it.”

Jace takes in my words, thinking them over for a few seconds “So basically you’re going to kill him, and just run?”

I nod my head “I need to get out of the country, and for the next few years I will be looking over my shoulder constantly. It will die down after a while but until then I will be in danger every single second I’m breathing.”

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