The Shy Girl Has a Gun...Chapter 38

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I trudged through the hallway rubbing my eyes, slowly waking up from one of the best night’s sleeps I have had in ages. Seems like whenever I sleep in Jace’s bed, or better yet in his arms, I sleep like a baby.

Who needs sleeping pills when you have your own personal drug that knocks you the fuck out for the night?

Jace was still in bed, as were the other boys. The emptiness in the house was evident even now; it felt like something was missing. And that something was Drake.

It hurt so much knowing he was gone, and the guilt I feel will stay with me forever. No matter what anyone says to me, there is no way I can shake it off. The only thing I can do is carry on like normal because knowing Drake he would slap me around the head and tell me to stop acting like such a girl.

Either that or he would offer to put a smile on my face the other way he knew how, if you get my drift.

I smiled to myself. I can imagine him now, stood in front of me with a cocky grin on his lips and a brow raised suggestively as he said something about scratching one of his infamous itches.

I was still smiling to myself at the thought of Drake and his pervert nature as I walked into the kitchen, but that smile was soon wiped off as I saw the strange man sat at our kitchen table.

I didn’t even blink before I dived to the counter and grabbed one of the knives. He quickly shot out of his seat, knocking the chair on the floor and backed away, shouting and holding his arms up in defence.

I took a step closer and swung my arm, not to actually cut him just yet but as a warning not to try anything pretty or I will shove this knife so far up his ass it will tickle his eyeballs.

“Woah Woah! Calm down!” He protested, still holding his arms up and stepping to the other side of the table to put a good bit of distance between him and the crazy girl with the knife.

“Who the hell are you and what the fuck are you doing in my house?!” I demanded, holding the knife up higher and making my tone malicious.

“You’re Faith right?” he spoke quickly, obviously scared that I was going to snap at any second. Considering the last 24 hours I have had, I don’t blame him for thinking that. I was taken back as he said my name, narrowing my eyes suspiciously as to why this stranger would know who I am.

I scanned my eyes over him and took him in, realising this boy could not be a day over 20. He had shaggy brown hair and an athletic build and all in all he didn’t look like a threat. He looked like a scared boy who had just been jumped and was now desperately trying not to get stabbed. He reminded me of Connor when I first met him, with that air of innocence about him as well as a cocky/confident nature that you knew straight away he possessed.

“How do you know my name?” I questioned, not letting the hold on the knife slip at all. He may not look threatening but looks can always be deceiving.

Look at that bitch Holly.

The boy was just about to speak when the door burst open. Chris bundled in first, holding a gun up and scanning the room with it. He was followed closely by Jace and Connor, whose eyes were scanning the room as if they were prepared for people to come diving at them from all directions. Finally all of their eyes landed on the boy, who by now had eyes as wide as beach balls as he looked at the gun in Chris’s hand.

On normal circumstances I would laugh at how they looked, considering all of them had bed hair and were wearing only boxers. They looked like they had just rolled out of bed, which to be fair they had. Obviously the shouting from the kitchen had woken the boys up, and I had to hold back a smile as I realise just how fast they came to my rescue, even though technically I didn’t need rescuing.

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