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“There once was a boy called Connor, he had great strength and honour, on the day of his birth he had a great big thirst for all things female and hot so pour a shot and drink the lot cos sober is something you will be not!” Connor sang in the kitchen, holding his beer up in the air.

I laughed at his creative rhymes, as did Chris. Drake had a smile on his face and was shaking his head in amusement at his partner. You’d think it was Connor’s tenth birthday from how excited he is, he is acting like a little kid whose just been told their having a trip to Disneyland. Apart from a little kid would not consume as much alcohol as Connor is right now.

Me, Chris, Connor and Drake were in the kitchen/living room area, having a few beers and waiting for your royal highness to hurry up and get ready. It had just gone 8pm and we were all ready to go out and hit the town in celebration of Connor’s birthday. While we waited we drank a few beers and had mindless chitchat, which resulted to me almost wetting myself from laughing from some of the shit Connor is coming out with.

“Thanks for inviting me along tonight by the way.” I tell the guys “I know I just sort of ended up on your doorstep so you really didn’t have to.”

Connor slapped my arm with a big grin on his face “Don’t worry about it mate, I’ve talked to Faith about her old life and from the sound of it I expected you to be a complete jackass. But as it turns out, you’re a decent lad.”

Chris and Drake nod in agreement, but I can see Drake trying not to laugh at Connors blunt words.  I grinned back at him, trying to hide the overwhelming curiosity of what exactly Faith has said about me. I could probably guess I mean I know what happened between us and to be honest there was no way to talk about me in a nice way. Hell, I would talk about me in the worst way possible if I was her.

“Talking of Faith, how long does she need to throw a few bits of clothing on and slap some of that black stuff on her eyes?” Chris whines, and we all muttered in agreement. We had been ready for a good half an hour and Faith was still in her room getting dressed.

“Women and their need to spend hours on their appearance.” Drake mutters shaking his head.

I had to bite my tongue back from saying that Faith isn’t just any woman. I mean back when we used to go to parties and that 3 years ago, she would literally spend 10 minute putting some clothing on and brushing her hair. She used to tease me saying I was the woman in the relationship because it took me longer to get ready. Another thing different about that girl.

“So Faith doesn’t mind going on a night out with all males?” I found myself asking before I could help it.

Another thing, Faith would probably have had a panic attack 3 years ago if she knew she had to go out and party with just males. She would have felt intimidated and shy, but now it was just us 4 guys and her and she hasn’t complained about being outnumbered once. Yet another thing different about that girl.

Chris shook his head “Naa, she’s been living with us for 3 years so she’s fine with it. You shouldn’t be shocked that she’s going out with 4 guys, you should be shocked that she agreed to go out at all.”

“Does she not normally then?” I ask.

Connor replied this time “That girl is all work and no play.”

Chris scoffed “You seem to forget I’m her partner. The viciousness of her kills when we’re doing a job would make you think that was her idea of play.”

I took in their words and swallowed, finding it hard to believe that Faith considered killing people as part of a fun event. Maybe a lot has changed about her, but I could not believe that she has turned that cold hearted that death makes her happy. I was still determined to find out if the old Faith is anywhere in that little blonde hottie.

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