“This could be so easy and pain free if you just open up and tell me what you know darling.” Rob sighed dramatically; the tone of his voice however told me he was enjoying this.

I gritted my teeth as I fought against the rope around my wrists, knowing there was no hope of me escaping the hold but I had to try anyway. After Rob realised I was not going to be able to shoot my best friend, he took me Jace and Chris into another room of the building where he tied me to a chair and Chris and Jace against two poles in the room either side of me. The room was quite big and pretty bare, telling me that it was designed specifically for this reason.

Holding people hostage.

Holly had been taken into another room, crying all the way there. I hated myself for not being able to pull that trigger, but I just could not find it in me. She was my best friend, and she made a stupid choice. A choice that makes me want to pummel her to the ground, but still.

“Since we are going to be in here a while, could you get one of your dogs to fetch me a drink?” I ask with a sweet smile to my face “Vodka and coke? Hold the coke.”

Rob rolled his tongue against his front teeth, showing me he was annoyed. A trait he shared with his son. His eyes bore into me for a little while before he looked like he had made a decision, and a slow smile creeped onto his face.

“Sure.” he finally spoke to my surprise. He turned to one of the guys dressed in black “You heard the lady, go fetch.”

I furred my brows as the guy dressed in black nodded and left the room following his master’s orders. Chris and Jace looked just as confused as I was, whereas Rob looked...excited?

“What’s your master plan, spitting in my drink?” I quiz, cocking a brow.

Rob chuckles “That is no way a host should treat his guests.” He slips his hands into his pocket “Then again, I’m more of the ‘I’ll-be-a-good-host-when-you-tell-me-what-I-want’ kind of guy.”

“Oh, you want something?” I asked sounding completely clueless.

“I want-” he began loudly, the anger getting the best of him for a split second before he stopped himself and smiled, his voice now calm and composed like it normally was “I want to know where the firm is, and I want to know who runs it. I want to know everything about the agency that has tried to interfere with my business.”

“And I want to share a weekend cabin with Matthew McConaughey and have sex on a hammock, but I’m not getting that either.” I replied, ignoring Jace’s curious raised eyebrow as he took in the ‘sex on a hammock’ part of that sentence. That would be the only thing he caught on to.

No doubt I’ve just given him ideas for the future. That is if we have a future and don’t die tonight.

Rob’s jaw clenched and he forced a smile, trying to keep up his relaxed posture but I could tell he was getting irritated with the mocking now. He took his hand out of his pocket and I kept my face relaxed as I saw the blade in his hand.

He gave me a more genuine smirk now, before shaking the knife in my face and tutting “Sarcasm is something that cuts deep darling.”

He pressed the knife against my upper arm and slid it across my skin, causing me to almost bite my tongue off as I clenched my teeth together to hold in my scream. I was not going to give the bastard the satisfaction.

“Get the fuck away from her now!” Jace screams echoed around the room and both he and Chris were clearly struggling against their restraints, and having about as much luck as I did.

Rob ignored the screams of the two boys and kept his attention on me, even when the guy in black walked into the room a few seconds later holding a cup of clear liquid which I’m guessing is my drink order.

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