I could feel his eyes on me as I danced, burning into my skin. I had spotted Jace and Chris at the bar having a conversation that looked a little heated, and for the slightest second I panicked as I worried about what they were discussing.

I knew how Chris can get, and I was a little surprised to see them exchange a friendly handshake before Chris walked off. He must actually like Jace if he hasn’t punched him yet.

Connor was currently by one of the podiums, cheering the stripper on as she wrapped her legs around the pole and hung upside down, showing some impressive flexibility. Drake sat with Chris now as they chatted to two girls who were leaning over and basically sat on their laps to carry on their flirtatious charade. Chris looked over at me, waggling his eyebrows suggestively as the girl he was with rubbed his arm. Drake looked almost bored as the blonde he was with whispered something in his ear.

My eyes went to the bar, and before I could help it they connected with Jace’s. He was still leaning against the bar, completely ignoring the naked girls and poles and just held my gaze. A sudden urge to have his arms around me caused me to give him and inviting smile, and he took the invitation with open arms and crossed the distance of the dance floor until he was directly in front of me, ignoring the bar tender who was shouting him to get the beer he had ordered.

“I figured you might as well come over here since you’ve been checking me out for the majority of the evening.” I smiled at him, having to shout slightly over the music.

He grins then slides an arm around my waist and pulls me up to his body which was moving with mine “You know, white is meant to be a sign of virtue and we both know I took that away from you a long time ago.”

I shrug “A big part of my job is to lie Jace, this dress and its colour is a big fat lie.”

His grin widens, and he cocks his head as he stares at me a little more intently, obviously thinking something over. It made me wonder what exactly he and Chris had discussed at the bar.

“You look gorgeous by the way.” He compliments, and my stomach actually flutters a little “Then again, you always did.”

I scoff this time “Yeah sure I did, my sweats and hoodies were sexy as hell.”

He doesn’t laugh and just stares at me a little harder “I always thought you were sexy, gorgeous and beautiful no matter what you wore. You seem to forget I dated you before you changed into this confident vixen you are now.”

Why did you cheat on me then?

I bit my lip from blurting that out, not wanting to talk about the past. It’s happened, let’s just leave it and enjoy the time we have left. My stomach turned as I remember when this mission is over, he will be gone and I would have moved on. That’s if Ed even lets him live and go back to his old life...

I knew I would never let that happen however. Part of the deal for me to actually become an agent was that my friends and family were unharmed. Any harm comes to Jace and that would be breaking a promise...and I would go ape shit. The safety of my friends and family was what was important to me the most. It was the damn reason I was currently living this life in the first place.

“I don’t know why you’re so keen to have the old Faith back.” I state, really not understanding why he was so determined to see if any old part of me was still here.

He smiles slightly, pulling me closer to him and leans his face close to my ear “I liked the old Faith...a lot.”

“And you don’t like me now?”

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