“Can you just stop for a minute?!” Jace exclaims as I begin to frantically throw everything we could use in the old duffle bag that was in the car.

“There’s no time for me to sit here and try and explain to an imbecile like you.” I respond throwing the box of bullets in the bag along with the gun that was in the back seat. I rummaged through the glove box and pulled out a knife. I ran my hand along the dash board in front of me until I found the spot of it that was softer than it should be, before slamming my fist into it causing a great big hole to appear in it.

“What the hell are you doing?!” Jace shrieks. I put my hand in the hole I had just made and pulled out the small semi automatic that had been stashed in there when I first got the car. I look at Jace and gesture towards the gun, giving him on hard smile as an answer to his question.

Once I thought I had everything I needed stuffed in the duffle bag, I opened the car door and began to get out.

“Out of the car we gotta go now.” I order him. I see the look of frustration through the window of the car, as well as the rude word he muttered as he gets out of the car and slams the door forcefully.

“Where exactly are we going?” He asks “Or do you just want to tie a leash around my neck and drag me there?”

I narrow my eyes at him “Believe me Dixon, right now the last thing you want is for me to tie anything around your neck.”

He rolls his eyes at my subtle death threat. He opens his mouth to give me his comeback, but whatever he was about to say was cut short as a car engine in the distance caught our attention. We both turn our heads to see the black Audi in sight, getting closer by the second.

I turn back to Jace “Just shut up and run.”

For once, he didn’t make a snide reply and just did as I asked. We both took off and ran down off the back road and into the woods that surrounded it. The duffle bag was heavy on my back but I made sure it didn’t stop my speed, and we both dodged the trees as we never lost pace.

“What’s the plan, run home?” Only Jace would manage to sound sarcastic even though he is still sprinting.

“Run to shelter.” I duck from a branch, and seconds later my foot gets caught on some sort of plant and I find myself tumbling to the floor. I hold the scream of pain in as I fall, my knees scraping on the rough rocks that were on the floor and against the cut on my thigh that was still bleeding pretty bad. I rolled on my back and nursed my leg, scrunching my eyes from the pain.

I could hear the voice of the dealers shouting getting closer, and I suddenly realised the pain in my leg was too much. Running was not an option any more, and to be honest I had to get the cut on my thigh cleaned out soon or the dirt from the floor was going to cause a serious infection.

Great, just what I need...to have my leg amputated.

Bet Ed would love that.

“Put your arm around my shoulder.” Jace’s voice cut through my thoughts and I suddenly realised he had stopped running when I had. I actually thought he would have ran on for a split second, saving himself and going back to Chris to let him know what happened. But he didn’t.

I looked up at his face crouched on the floor next to me. He reached for the duffle bag I had dropped when I fell and slung the strap on his shoulder, before sliding one of his hands under my legs and the other on my lower back.

My eyes refused to leave his face as I saw the determination as he lifted me off the ground, carrying me as he attempted to keep running through the woods. I couldn’t find words to say to him as I noticed the trees and leaves fly past us, and considering he was carrying me he was keeping a pretty good pace up.

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