I blinked, still not believing that the man in front of me was Rob Dixon.

Jace’s father.

But even as I blinked, almost rubbing my eyes as if to clear them, it was still the same man stood by the stairs with an amused smirk on his face and his hands in his pockets looking far more relaxed than the situation should have allowed him to be.

My own shock however must not even have been in the same league as Jace’s, because he was still staring at his father wide eyed looking like he was frozen to the spot.

Rob looked away from his son and over to me “Who would have though the agency causing me so much trouble would have employed my son’s old flame.” He almost spoke to himself, clearly amused at the coincidence of it all. He cocked his brow as he looked me over; taking in the little clothing I was wearing “On second thoughts, maybe the flame is not so old.”

“You’re the drug lord?” I manage to choke out finally.

He grimaced “I don’t particularly like that term, it sounds so common. I prefer CEO to a distributing business.”

Lee gave a slight chuckle at his boss’s words, clearly feeling the need to suck up to him. “They thought I was the one running the show apparently.”

Rob took in Lee’s words “That is the impression I wanted to give people when I sold you the club.” He suddenly remembered something and casually pointed behind him and up the stairs “Was it my eyes playing tricks on me or was one of my men being carried out of here earlier with a fork in his eye?”

I almost laughed.

“Yup. You can thank little miss die hard over there for that one.” Lee gestured towards me.

Rob looked at me, an expression that showed he was a little impressed “Very creative. No wonder my son carried a torch for you all those years.”

“Because I use cutlery to blind people?” I suggested, my anger slowly replacing my shock.

His lip twitched “Because you were always different from the other bimbos he brought home, and even though you were as quiet as a mouse you always had that air of feistiness about you.”

A slight flush of pride washed over my body, before I realised I was currently making small talk with my target “Are you going to keep complimenting me or are you actually going to kill me?”

“Oh I’m going to kill you.” Rob replied straight away, as if there was no question about it.

And that is when Jace finally reacted.

“You son of a bitch!” He growled, and before I knew what was happening he had lunged for his father, not taking into account the half a dozen men with guns who stood in his path. He even knocked one of them out of the way.

But before he could reach his target, two of the men stood in his way both pointing guns inches away from his face. Jace’s fists balled next to him and I could tell he was debating on taking his chances with the weapons and attempt to swing at his dad again.

“I would think very carefully before you make any rash actions Jace.” Rob spoke to him calmly, however there was the same air of authority in his face that a powerful man should have.

Jace laughed, but there was not a hint of humour. “You’d shoot your own son?”

Rob’s face remained stone. “I wouldn’t be the one pulling the trigger.”

The air around the room got colder by the second as the two men stared at each other, Jace’s eyes coated in anger and hatred.

“You slimy heartless bastard.” Jace hissed through gritted teeth, looking straight past the gun barrels in front of him and burning his eyes into his father “This is what you’ve been busy doing while me and mum have been struggling to keep a roof over our heads? This is why you couldn’t help your own son when he came to you begging just so we wouldn’t be sleeping in the streets!”

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