I knew I would regret banging this girl.

As soon as we were finished and I began putting my work uniform back on, she started babbling on even though it really wasn’t necessary.

“That was amazing.” She breathed while pulling her jeans back up. “Best first day at work I’ve ever had!” she giggled, and I scrunched my face in revulsion just from the sound of her voice.

I was on my lunch break at the same time as the new girl that had just started today, and it was amazing just how easy it was to persuade this girl to drop her knickers in the stockroom for me. I think her name was Naomi, I knew it started with an N. That’s about as far as I can stretch that bit of knowledge.

“You really were amazing babe.” She purred in my ear, nibbling my lobe slightly. I wince away from her and looked at her upset expression.

“Yeah...best get back to work before Dan starts throwing a bitch fit.” I quickly improvise, not really wanting to be alone with this girl anymore. I could see the noticeable hurt in her face as I began to walk away, and I swear her eyes started to water.

Great, this should be fun then. I have to work with this girl from now on and either she’s going to go all stalker on me, or start crying about how I used her.

I really should have listened to that expression Dylan uses all the time.

You don’t crap where you eat.

I made my way back to the shop floor, walking behind the counter to where Dan was stood leaning over it.

“Rushed off your feet are you?” I humoured as there was literally not one customer in the shop.

He sighed in desperation “This is ridiculous, we have not had a customer in over an hour!” he whined “I mean what the hell is wrong with people, do they not need shoes now and all decided to go on the hippy craze and walk around bare feet?!”

I laughed at his outburst and patted his back comfortably.”Times are tough mate, everyone’s broke. Not many people can afford to spend £80 on a new pair of high tops.” I tell him, trying not to smirk as he looks like he’s about to start crying.

He sighed deeply “Things better pick up soon or there will be serious hell to pay.” He muttered to himself, his tone sounded serious. Like there was something behind it. How bad can it be if were slow for a couple of weeks, its only shoes at the end of the day...

Dan walked to the backroom, leaving me alone on the shop floor. The shop was small; I mean my living room at home was about the same size at this. There were shelves around the walls with graffiti on them, holding up the hundreds of high-tops, trainers, UGG boots etc that people were not buying. To be fair, I could barely afford any of these shoes myself as they were all branded and cost a bundle. The middle of the shop had two stands which held more shoes, and a large tyre that people used to sit on while they tried stuff on. Or stand on and have a price gun duel with you colleague, which me and Freddie have done many times.

I had been working in this shop now for just over a year after dropping out of college. I couldn’t handle college; it was too much after everything that happened. Dropping out of college was not my best move, but to be honest I would have been kicked out sooner or later anyway considering all the stunts I pulled and just how fucked up I was. Now I’m stuck in a dead end job with no idea what to do with my life, banging any girl that comes along and getting drunk every weekend in an attempt to try and block out everything.

By everything, I meant the feelings of guilt that I had carried around with me for years...

“Evening all!” Dylan greeted as he walked into the shop with a big grin on his face. I gave him one of my own, glad that he had come to save me from this boredom.

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