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We watched her die.

It should have been one of the most heartless things we have ever done, but none of us cared.

We stood over her in silence, our eyes gazing at Holly as she clutched her stomach and begged for us to help her, only none of us did.

She died surrounded by people who loathed her. She died alone.

Which is exactly what she deserved.

Mere seconds after her eyes drifted shut and she took her final breath, we heard the ambulance sirens from down the street.

Chris scoffed “Always too fucking late.”

I couldn’t speak, my mouth was dry and I felt like I wasn’t even in the room. It was Jace, ironically, who went into agent mode and knocked us all back to our senses.

“We have to get out of here, there are bodies everywhere.” Jace spoke into the silence, and everyone nodded slowly in agreement. We were good with the police to cover a good majority of the things the firm did, but this would be too much to explain.

Instead of walking towards the exit, Connor walked to Drake’s body and attempted to pick him up. He struggled for a few minutes before Chris finally spoke.

“What are you doing man?” Chris’s voice was quiet, the fact he was trying to hold back more tears was clear in his tone as he watched Connor desperately trying to pick up his best friend.

Connor turned to us “I’m not leaving him here. He deserves a lot more than this.”

His tone was final, and I knew that Connor would rather get arrested than leave Drake’s body here. Without waiting for our replies he turned back and once again attempted to pick up his lifeless body from the ground. I had to look away and grit my teeth together to hold back more tears.

Jace walked up to Connor and with one final attempt from the both of them, they had managed to drape Drake’s body over Connor’s shoulder. Connor looked at Jace, his eyes red and damp and with one look he showed just how grateful he was for understanding.

In silence we all walked to the exit and to the car that Connor and Drake had drove over here in. Chris took the wheel and it was half an hour before anyone broke the deathly silence in the car.

“What are you going to do with him?” Jace asked gently. We all knew straight away he was talking about Drake’s body.

“The firm has a morgue, we’re going to drop off his body there and request a funeral within the agency.” Connor replied.

Chris scoffed bitterly “You really think Ed is going to say yes to that? That involves effort on his part for an agent that is no use to him anymore.”

Connor tone was deadpanned, but at the same time it was lethal “If he refuses then I’ll take the body back and sort out my own funeral. He deserves a proper send off and not even Ed can stop me from giving him that.”

My heart clenched as I heard Connor’s words, and I knew Connor would not give up until he had made sure his brother was buried properly. Like a normal person would have a funeral, Drake deserved that. Everyone nodded slowly, not knowing what else to say.

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