I walked around my room for the millionth time tonight, unable to sit still let alone attempt to sleep. I was trying to do anything that would keep me distracted, so far I had cleaned out my favourite guns, re-arranged my CD collection alphabetically and even colour co-ordinated my underwear. The speed I was working meant all of that took me less than 2 hours and now I was back at square one.

Thinking way too much.

After the events of tonight at the club with meeting the drug lord and fighting Holly, we had hastily got out of there before the police showed up and started asking questions. That would have been a fun one to explain to a paramedic if they look through my files. When he asks me about the whole being dead thing, I would reply by waving my hand dismissively and saying ‘that was a complete mix-up, I was looking a little pale and people came to assumptions.’

Yeah, we had to get out of there and fast.

We got back to the house and Drake put a drooling Connor to bed, a bucket placed by his head when he woke up in the middle of the night to puke. Everyone went to bed shortly after getting home; wanting to get out of the bloody/ash covered/burnt clothes they were in. Me and Chris agreed we would run the picture of the drug dealer through the system tomorrow and find out who our man is.

I didn’t even look at Jace as I walked to my room for bed, getting showered and changing into my black and white checked pyjamas shorts and white tank top. After I dried my hair I slipped on the blue Hollister hoodie that I hadn’t been able to throw away after all these years, and that’s when my mind went into overdrive.

Jace and I had kissed again, and he had done it to show me he cared. I kissed back because I realised I did too. My best friend was a drug dealer who I had to kill, and could possibly kill me next time we come face to face. All of this kept replaying in my head, and I finally realised that if I was alone the thoughts would only get worse.

There was one person I wanted to talk to right now, and he was probably asleep across the hall from me this very minute. I debated for about 5 minutes, telling myself it was a bad idea. He would only hurt me again, like he did before. Every con of going to him right now was rushing through my head, but I honestly didn’t care. I needed him right now.

I stepped out into the dark hallways, crossing the short distance across the hall so I was stood in front of his door, the voice in my head screaming that this was a bad idea. I didn’t need to get more emotionally involved than I already was with Jace.

However, the other voice in my head telling me I wanted to see him was a lot louder and more convincing.

I didn’t even bother knocking and I twisted the door handle and walked into the dark room. I tried to be quiet, not wanting to make too much noise and startle him awake.

Mostly because if he did that to me, I’d shoot him.

As I slowly closed the door, I heard movement behind me and a dim light shine the room.

I jumped slightly and turned as I pressed my back against the door, calming myself down from the scare as I saw Jace take his hand away from the lamp on his nightstand after switching it on. He pushed himself up so he was sat up on the bed, his back against the headboard and the white sheet sliding lower down so it was now at his waist, exposing that body that still gets me hot to this day.

The boy really did work out...

“Got a habit of sneaking into people’s rooms while they sleep, pervert?” Jace questions, a small smile tugging at his lips. From the sound of his voice it was clear he was wide awake. Obviously he had not been able to sleep either.

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