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“Still no luck?” Chris asks.

I shake my head, gritting my teeth in irritation “None. We’ve found all the dealers in the hospital, but that one freaking nurse is nowhere to be found.”

“Maybe there isn’t another nurse?” Chris suggests.

I shake my head “No, the other nurse I killed confirmed that there was. She seemed to enjoy the fact that there was another nurse for some reason...”

I drifted off as Laurens words flashed back to be. The other dealer is someone more familiar.

Was it someone else from high school? All the possibilities of who it could be ran through my head, but I could not think of one person who could be the other dealer. Great, we have a mystery drug lord and now a mystery nurse. This mission was getting more complicated by the  damn minute.

I sigh in defeat “Look were not going to find her, we’ve been looking for hours now and people are starting to get suspicious of us and Doctor Dick-son over here.” I gesture towards Jace, who was next to me still dressed in his doctor uniform.

“Very creative.”Jace states dryly referring to the change of his last name.

The little awkward moment between us from earlier was pushed to the back of my mind, and I was determined not to bring it up again. What is the point in talking about it when we had a mission to do, and it would be so much easier if I didn’t have to worry about the blasts from the past. Unfortunately Jace was here to stay until we completed this mission, so we would have to work together.

“So we’re calling it a day?” Chris confirms, hope in his voice as I can see he is getting fed up of trailing the hospital halls.

“We’re going to have to.” I finally give in “C’mon, let’s get back to the house.”



I finally got out of my doctor uniform, which I took home with me. I loved wearing that thing; I may apply for medical school just so I can wear it every day. The looks people give you when they think you’ve done well for yourself, and the old saying ‘no woman can resist a man in uniform’ is certainly appealing for this future career path.

The lustful look Faith gave me when she noticed what I was wearing did not go unnoticed, even though she covered it pretty hastily.

Seeing her again after all these years has definitely had a big impact on me. The guilt was still there, but now it was a little lighter considering I knew she was alive. However, knowing that the last time we saw each other I had pushed her away still haunted me to this day.

She was definitely not the shy, kind girl I remember. The girl that would rather hide out in my room for the weekend instead of going out because she hated being in massive crowds. The girl who used to giggle whenever we were curled up in bed with her in my arms and I would nibble her earlobe. The girl who would look at me with so much adoration in her eyes they made me want to lock her in my room and never let her leave.

Faith had definitely grown up. Her sassier more confident stride still shocks me considering it is such a drastic change from what I remember. Her comebacks and snide remarks could literally cut through glass, remorse and guilt seem to be two feelings she was immune to judging by how easily she kills people and doesn’t even look twice. But considering the life she has led for the last 3 years, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.

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