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Rob’s eyes blazed in fury, but from the flex in his jaw muscles I could tell he was trying to keep his cool.

“Actually, back in my day we didn’t have video games to kill our brain cells in our spare time.” He spoke to Connor and Drake, his hands sliding into his trouser pockets. His mouth spread into a grin “We used to entertain ourselves by some good old fashioned violence.”

Drake and Connor glanced at each other then back at Rob.

Drake twirled the machete in his hand, sliding his finger along the sharp blade while a grin of his own spread on his face “Now that is something I can work with.”

I got fed up of the talking as I realised the rope around my wrists was beginning to seriously irritate me, and the burn on my leg was still stinging like a bitch.

“Sorry to interrupt, but can you either slit his throat or cut us out of these ropes?” I pipe in, cocking a brow to the two boys by the door who both looked like they had suddenly remembered they were here on a rescue mission.

Apparently revenge for the Xbox was far more important.

“Right away m’lady.” Drake salutes me before walking over to Chris who was closest to him and cutting him out of his ropes.

“Thanks man.” Chris lets out a breath of relief and strokes his wrists from where the rope was too tight. All of a sudden a pained look flashed on his face and he leans in close to Drake and whispers “Did they really break the Xbox?”

Drake nods sadly, and I have to grit my teeth from shouting profanities at the both of them.

Drake walks over to Jace and cuts him out of the ropes, still talking to Chris as he does “It’s a gonner, so all that progress you made on Call of Duty is gone.”

Chris groans in frustration “Ah man, it took me 3 days to unlock the prestige mode!”

“Oi trained killers, can you both shut the fuck up and let me out of these ropes!” I cut them off, their discussion about a deceased Xbox getting to me to the point that I would gladly snap both of their necks.

The corner of Drake’s lip twitches at my clear annoyance. He walks over and cuts the rope, freeing me from the hold. I get to my feet and flinch from the pain in my leg. I look down and see the round burn mark on my upper thigh, looking extremely revolting.

Drake points the machete at my face, a look of amusement on his own “Don’t deny you enjoyed a few good games on there.”

I glare up at him “The only time I ever enjoyed that thing was when you pissed me off and I launched the controller at your head.”

He let out a laugh at the memory, joined by a snort from Connor who was also there to witness Drake being knocked out by the Xbox controller that one time.

“Ah Faith, you were always so easy to get to.” Drake says through a laugh, and suddenly my eyes glance to Jace who was staring between me and Drake. He didn’t look angry, he just looked emotionless and I suddenly remember that technically Jace and I were sort of together, and Drake’s flirty nature was probably a big factor to his jealousy.

Drake furred his brow and looked behind him to Jace, who tried to look normal but the flexing in his jaw was giving him away. Drake still looked confused as he tried to figure out why Jace was acting like this, but fortunately for him we had someone in the room who seemed to have understood the situation at first glance.

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