I leaned back on the leather desk chair, nursing the glass of brandy in my hand as I smirked to one of my associates.

“Holly actually came through?” I asked in disbelief, a swell of pride building up inside of me for the girl “She managed to kill an agent?”

I let out a laugh at the thought, junkie Holly had actually proven to be useful. I always thought she was a little clingy, looking at me like the father she probably never had just because I took her off the street with some bullshit about a better life. Truth be told, I needed dealers and she had hit rock bottom in her life. It was a win win situation.

Jeremy, one of the managers for this operation who made sure that the dealers were getting the gear on a regular basis, smirked back at me.

“Yeah I just watched the footage from the CCTV in that room, she shot the bastard in a room full of his friends. Bled to death while the others cried over him. I made a copy you can watch it later, it was quite amusing.” Jeremy let out a laugh, before he looked at me gravely “The footage shows Holly getting killed as well.”

I took a drink of the Brandy and waved my hand dismissively, the fact that she was dead not effecting me in the slightest “There’s always more helpless junkies where she came from. What’s the news about locating where the agents are?”

“They are still in their house.” Jeremy informed me, and I widened my eyes in surprise.

“They went back there? They know we know where they live. Are they stupid?”

Jeremy shook his head “Their security has been upped to the max. They have kitted the entire house up with trip wires, security codes and fingerprint authentication. We have more chance of breaking into the white house than getting in there again.”

I scowled in annoyance that those children seemed to have outsmarted us. “What about Jace? Is he still with them?”

Jeremy nodded his head “He left with them and I doubt he will leave them. He seems to have quite a torch for the little blonde one.”

I rolled my eyes in disgust at the thought “The idiot always did. When he was younger at least he was man enough to fuck her about a bit, but now he actually seems to be in love with her. Make’s your breakfast want to come up.”

The idea made me sick. I never liked that girl even before she turned into an agent. I met her a few times since she was always around our house, but hardly saw her because her and Jace would disappear up in his room. I was quite proud of the boy because I thought he was using some shy girl for a few quickies, but the more she kept coming back and the look in his eyes whenever he looked at her got me worried she meant more to him than just a quickie.

Then I found out they had split up cos he had cheated on her, I was so relieved because I thought he had come to his senses. But now she was some little murdering outspoken mouthy bitch and her and Jace still seemed to be together. What the hell is it going to take to make that boy forget about that tramp?

“Sir, we seem to have a problem.” The intercom spoke, breaking me from my thoughts.

 I was currently in one of my offices where I kept up my front as a bar owner. The whole building was the main office, where the files and gear was kept before it was delivered to the dealers. Few people knew about this building and what happened in it, that’s why there rarely were any problems. Security also made it impossible for problems to happen.

So what the hell was going on?

I leaned forward and pressed the button to speak to my receptionist “What is it?”

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