I couldn’t breathe. I felt like I was in a bad dream and if I tried really hard I would wake up and this wouldn’t be happening. My best friend would not be bleeding to death on the floor a few feet away from me.

Only I didn’t wake up.

No matter how many times I opened and closed my eyes, Drake was still lying on the ground, coughing up blood and clutching his stomach.

It was only when he let out a groan of pure agony that I finally found my legs and realised this was not going away. I had to help him.

I sprinted over to where he was, collapsing to my knees and grabbing the back of his head gently placing it on my lap. Blood was around his mouth and I placed my hand over his to put more pressure on the bullet wound.

“Drake, Drake stay with me!” I almost yelled in his face hysterically.

I was barely aware of what was going on around me as all my concentration was on keeping him awake, but I vaguely took in the fact that Jace tackled Holly to the ground and took the gun away from her, knocking her out with one clean punch.

Apart from Holly’s unconscious body on the floor, it was only us agents and Jace in the room now. Jace got to his feet and stood next to me with the look of panic on his face as he looked down at Drake.

I turned to Chris “Call an ambulance!”

Chris was one step ahead and before I even finished my sentence his phone was next to his ear.

“My friend has just been shot we need help now!” He ordered down the phone, pausing as he listened to the woman on the other end who spoke loud enough for us to hear a muffled voice. Chris looked confused before he turned to me and Jace “Where the hell are we?! What’s the address?”

Jace quickly told him the address of the place and Chris repeated it down the phone, but not before long I could sense he was starting to lose his temper with the woman on the phone.

“I just told you my friend has been shot and you’re asking me if I need an ambulance, fire brigade or police?! Are you fucking kiddin’me woman?!” he screamed down the line, the panic of the situation clearly causing him to snap like that “If you ask stupid questions then I will use as much abusive language as I want.” The woman said something down the other end and fury blazed on Chris’s face “I have a friend who is bleeding to death and you’re threatening to hang up on me for abusive language? Listen to me, if you do not send someone here in the next 5 minutes I will personally come down there and bitch slap you myself.”

Chris snapped his phone shut, not bothering to waste another minute on the bitch on the phone as he was clearly too worried about Drake. “Mate, someone is on their way. And when they get here I may have to start beating innocent women.”

Drake let out a strained laugh which made a pang of hope shoot through me. He was laughing, he would be okay. He had to be okay.

I took my attention away from Drake and looked up, finally realising that Connor had not said a word. My eyes landed on him and that was enough to make all hope I had mere seconds ago fade away.

Connor is normally the joker of the group. The guy who would laugh and start cracking jokes while being covered in guts and blood. The guy who we all rely on to make the situation brighter when something goes bad.

Only now as my eyes landed on him I didn’t see the joker or the guy who would make the situation better.

I saw a scared boy who was watching his best friend slowly fade away.

He was frozen to the spot, his eyes open an unblinking. His breath was caught in his throat and the pure fear I saw in his eyes was truly frightening.

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