The Shy Girl Has a Gun...Chapter 32

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I slowly begin to open my eyes, the light in the room helping me lift my heavy lids. I blink a few times until my sight is no longer blurry, and I realise I am on the floor. I push myself up in the sitting position, groaning as the pain in my head throbs.

I look around the unfamiliar room and realise I am in an office. The room is reasonably big, with an expensive looking desk and a chair to my left. There is a big book shelf in the room, along with a sofa and one of those big globe things that I'm guessing pops open and inside are bottles of alcohol. Apart from those items of furniture, the big room was empty in the middle.

I look down at myself to check if there is any damage, and to my surprise the stitches on my legs have not even come undone. I am still in the same clothes I was wearing back at the house, and I am quite thankful of my outfit choice considering the situation I am in. Denim shorts, a loose fitted black top and white plimsolls means that I can move freely.

Wow, I am not wearing white. Finally, a smart outfit choice Faith.

Everything that happened back at the house rushes back to me and I suddenly realise I have been kidnapped. Again. I curse loudly, kicking the desk hard. I hate getting kidnapped.

My stomach suddenly drops as I remember Chris and Jace and my head spins frantically around the room but realise neither of them are in here. Were they alive?

I rush over to the window behind the desk and look out, realising I am about 3 stories up. I look at the familiar street outside and recognize that I am in the building me and Jace were staking out earlier. I turn to the chair behind me and lift it off the ground, turning and with all my strength pummelling it at the window. Not even a crack. I banged the chair against the glass a few more times but realised the window was not budging any time soon.

“Fuck!” I scream angrily as I throw the chair on the floor and begin to think of a plan B. I look around the room for any other escape, any other way out of this damn office but find myself hitting a dead end. There was one door and that was it.

I sighed and realised I only had one plan left.

Go mental.

I walked over to the door and with a scream kicked it as hard as I could hoping it would break. I had about as much luck with that than I did with the window.

“Let me the fuck out of here you drug dealing ape!” I scream as I boot the door a few more times, before walking over to the chair I used earlier and throwing that against the wooden door. “LET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE!”

I frantically punch the door, screaming for anyone who can hear me. Basically, I knew that pleading with these people was never going to work so I figured a good old fashioned tantrum would get the attention of someone sooner or later, causing them to open the door and for me to kill them and get the hell out of here.

The plan did eventually work, the only thing I had not counted on was the army that walked in.

I stood at the far end of the room with my hands on the desk behind me as I saw the door open, ready to pounce on whoever was behind it. I froze to the spot as I saw the first person was in fact Jace walking in followed closely by one of the dealer’s minions pointing a gun to the back of his head. Jace’s face filled with relief as he saw me alive and well, as did mine as I saw him breathing. They were soon followed by Chris who was obviously more of a threat than Jace, and the dealers knew it because he came in with a guy holding a knife to his throat, as well as one next to him with a gun to his head.

Chris threw me a bitter smirk, and I rolled my eyes as I could tell he felt a little proud they took so much precaution with him because he was that dangerous. Men and their egos.

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