“So...Faith, would you like to share with the group?” Sarah the group leader of the meeting smiled at me, and I resisted the urge to shoot the bitch death glares.

I smiled back, fake of course. I rose to my feet looking around the circle of the 6 other people whose eyes were burning into me waiting for me to share with the group, sing Kumbaya and say how my life is improving after giving up my addiction. I caught the eyes of Chris, who was also sat around the circle giving me a knowing grin as I cleared my throat and began to speak.

“My name is Faith, and I’m a drug addict.” I announce and I notice Chris try and hold back laughter at the clear sarcasm in my voice. The group claps at my confession, and I resist the urge to roll my eyes at the cheesiness of it all. The group stops clapping, waiting for me to carry on speaking. I turn my head to Sarah, the kind woman who had been smiling at me for the last half an hour “And you Sarah, are about to die.”

He face falls as I reach to the back of my jeans and pull out my gun, aiming it straight at her. The kind supportive group leader front she had been putting on for god knows how long falls, and the panic flies through her face as she reaches below her seat pulls out a gun of her own. Before I had a chance to shoot, one of the members of the group rises to their feet and kicks my arm, making me lose the shot on Sarah.

I hear the bullet shots go off, and before I know it chaos has exploded. Sarah, along with two other guys who were posing as recovering drug addicts grabbed their weapons, realising that they have been made. The 3 genuine members of this group began screaming, and I see all of them dive towards the tables pushed up around the hall and crawling underneath them for cover.

I turn to the guy who kicked me earlier, sending a turning kick around to his ribs, making sure to crack a few on impact. He buckles over clutching his side from pain and I quickly kill the guy by putting a bullet in his head.

“Faith, swap!” Chris calls out to me, ducking from one of Sarah’s punches. I notice the other guy come diving towards me, and I quickly jump out of the way and run over to Sarah, while Chris runs over to the guy who came for me a minute ago. I didn’t have time to complain about Chris’s clear sexism. He wanted to take on the guy while he thought I was best suited with the girl.

“So agents are in town then?” Sarah sneers, looking at me like I was dirt “Dan said he came across you a few days back.”

“Oh yeah, make sure you ask Dan what his preference would be, a knife to his neck or a bullet to his forehead.” I smile sweetly at her, and her eyes narrow.

“I fucking hate agents!” she growls, picking up one of the chairs and throwing it my way. I didn’t see that one coming, and the chair hits me knocking me off my feet. As I look up, I see Sarah towering over me raising her foot over my head. I quickly roll away last second as her heeled boot comes crashing down on the spot where my head was. I spin on the floor, kicking her legs making sure she is on the ground with me. I crawl over to where she is laying and straddle her, connect my fists against her face until she is on the verge of losing consciousness. Blood is pouring down her face, and I can slowly see her eyes shutting.

“Where’s the drug lord?” I order, keeping her head up by pulling on her hair. She doesn’t reply as she is putting all her energy into keeping her eyes open. I sigh dramatically “I don’t like it when people ignore me Sarah.” My voice is vicious, and I slap her cheek so hard I actually feel it sting on my hand “I’ll repeat myself...Where’s the drug lord?”

“The drug lord...” Her eyes are fluttering open and closed, but a smile begins to appear on her lips. Which was attractive since there was blood covering about 80% of her face “...is in bed with your mother.”

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