I jump off the seat, and grab the stethoscope from around Jace’s shoulders “Can I borrow this?” his mouth is still hanging open at my rash actions, so I take that as a yes and with force whip the stethoscope so it hits Lauren around the face as she finally gets to her feet, and I knew that must have stung like a bitch.

I turn back to Jace “Grab something that causes damage, were going to have company in about 2 minutes.” I order him, and finally everything falls into place in his head and he gets into action. He rushes over to the draws and wheels out a plastic container that holds a bunch of hospital tools, like the essentials which are scissors and small knives.

I must have taken too long making sure Jace gets the idea of what’s going on, because before I know it something hits me around the head and I realise Lauren had fully recovered, and judging by the force of her punch she is pissed.

I stumble forward and hit against the draws, catching sight of a metal tray which I'm guessing is used to hold equipment. I grab the tray and turn, swinging my arm and hitting her in the face with the tray, pretty much making a face print in it with the force I used. I quickly punch her in the face with my right hand, then with my left to cover both sides of her face. I boot her in the stomach as she stumbles back. I grab her by the hair, planting her face into my knee repeatedly until the blood is pouring from her nose. She clips me in the stomach and I let her go as she backs away slightly.

“I fucking knew it was you!” Lauren exclaims out of breath. I smirk slightly at this, as I realise she is breathless and I could probably go for a couple more hours “As soon as I saw you, I knew it was you!”

“I’m flattered.” I respond swinging my fist at her again, this time she dodges it and she dodges my next few hits while I dodge hers. The distance is between us again as she steps to the other side of the chair so there is a barrier between us.

“You don’t remember me do you?” she sneers.

“Should I?”

She smirks “I know you Faith, we went to school together. I knew you weren’t dead!”

I stop in my tracks as she says my name. She knows who I am? That has just eliminated the slither of chance she had of getting out of this room alive.

“I can’t say I remember you, but then again you were probably too busy entertaining the football team in the janitor’s closet so I probably never saw you around.” I smile, and she grits her teeth.

“Oh that’s rich coming from Jace Dixons bit on the side!” she yells, pointing at Jace who was currently in the corner of the room looking from left to right as if to say ‘who me?’

“Everyone knew about you two you know? The desperate Faith Mitchell and her plea to cling onto her one love Jace even at the cost of being a sordid affair, it breaks your heart doesn’t it?” She smirks as she says it, the sarcasm and cruelness’ of her voice dripping from every word.

I flinch slightly at her words, as the memories of how pathetic I was flash back to me. I notice Jace’s eyes darken slightly from fury and his jaw clench at the blast from the past.

“As much as I would love to play high school reunion, how about you tell me who the other dealing nurse is?” I change the subject, not wanting to discuss mine and Jace’s past with the woman who is the target.

Her smirk widens as it appears she knows something we don’t “Oh I can’t wait to see your reaction when you find out.”

“You don’t have to wait, just tell me.” I snap, getting extremely impatient.

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