“I said drop the knife Faith!” Holly ordered once again, pressing the blade a little harder on Jace’s throat. I could see the pain in his face, which he tried to hide by clenching his jaw.

“I’ll drop mine if you drop yours.” I countered, gripping the knife in my hand a little tighter. I could feel my stomach flipping as I saw just how easy it would be for her to slide the knife across his neck, and that would be it for him. The idea of that happening made me almost sick.

“No can do, and if I were you I’d just follow the order. I’m the one holding the power right now honey.” She gestured towards the knife in her hand, again putting pressure on it to make Jace noticeably wince from the pain.

I hesitated for a minute, the silence around the club echoing around us. I looked around to find any type of next move I could make, and once I realised I was all out of idea’s I glared back at Holly, throwing the knife on the floor causing it to make a loud clang.

“Wasn’t so hard was it?” She asks, humour lining her voice slightly.

My death glares pierced into her “Let him go Holly.”

She furred her brows looking at me like I was stupid “Seriously? After all these years and your still pining after this asshole?” she almost screamed at me, pulling the knife away from his throat to point at him by pressing the tip in his cheek. I flinched.

“Just let him go Holly.” I repeat, not wanting to answer that question. I was not ‘pining’ after Jace, but I still could not quite figure out why my stomach was lurching as the image of Holly plunging the knife into his face flashed through my mind. I mean, he was just a civilian who I had a little history with, that’s all. I had been ordered to protect him, that’s all.

Keep telling yourself that.

She shook her head in disbelief “You should be cheering me on as I slit his throat Faith! After everything he has put you through and your now trying to save his life?!”

“Shut the fuck up Holly, you have no idea what you’re talking about!” Jace snaps at her, his eyes glazed over in fury at her words. He didn’t look scared that she could quite easily end him there and then; he just looked pissed that she was bringing up the past. She pressed her lips together and yanks his hair back slightly, exposing his neck further and pressing the blade onto it again.

She lowered her mouth next to his ear “So you didn’t treat her like shit Jace?” Holly asks, her voice low and patronising. Jace doesn’t reply but his jaw muscles are flexing noticeably “You didn’t cheat on her and break her heart, and then go on to make her your ‘bit on the side’ while you dated the girl you cheated on her with?” She asks rhetorically, because everyone here knew the answer to this question.

I swallow hard, ignoring the stinging her words caused “I’m a big believer of forgiving and forgetting.”

Holly laughs without any humour in her tone “I know you too well Faith, you haven’t forgiven or forgotten. You’re just blinded by this idiot, you always were. He was your weak spot back then, and clearly things have not changed now.”

I remain calm even though her words have once again hit the spot. She wasn’t saying anything that wasn’t true, Jace was a weakness. Back at the hospital I got jumped from behind because I was too busy worrying and making sure he was okay, even tonight I was too busy making out with him to spot my estranged dealer best friend sat in the corner of the bar.

Jace and I were talking about vulnerability less than half an hour ago, and as it turns out he’s mine.

Judging by the look on Jace’s face, I could see she was pressing his buttons too. His fists were clenched by his side and if it wasn’t for the knife at his throat he would have clearly swung for her by now. I also spotted the unmistakable flash of regret through his eyes.

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