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The smirk played on my lips as I looked at the weasel, all the cockiness was completely wiped off his face as he looked at me.

I knew Rob Dixon was confident his security system would keep me out, and to be honest if it wasn’t for this one mission me and Chris went on last year where we were fully trained on recognising certain security systems and what you need to get through them, I would probably still be attempting to kick the door down now.

I also knew that cutting that blokes eyeball out and chopping his hand off was a little extreme, but I wanted to go for the theatrics for once.

Jesus I was turning into Chris…

“What’s up love, you don’t look happy to see me?” I asked him, faking hurt in my voice.

He still had not blinked, and he was looking me over when I noticed him gulp. I realised I was covered in blood, and to be honest I must look like a complete psycho.

I could see the fear in his eyes as he realised it was just me and him alone in the room, and I thrived off of it.

“How…” He trailed off, his jaw almost touching the ground. I knew he was referring to how I knew how to get in the panic room.

I shrugged casually “You did sort of leave me the key to get in when you left your little pal out there. Turns out your selfishness really is going to be the end of you.”

His mouth closed and again I saw him swallow hard, noticing how his eyes kept flickering to the door behind me like he was waiting for something.

Suddenly he looked a little more confident, and his eyes were back at me.

“So what are you going to do Faith, kill your possible future father in law?” He asked, a smirk playing at his lips.

I grimaced as he said that “In order to be considered a father in law, you actually have to be a father first. All you ever were to Jace was the sperm that created him.”

He didn’t even look offended by the fact I had just called him a shit dad, something that would probably send any other father in a complete rage. He looked amused, like he had just been caught doing something he shouldn’t but was secretly proud of himself. It made me want to throttle him.

“The standard father and husband routine was never really my thing.” He waved his hand dismissively, his confidence back now which shocked me a little. I wanted him to be scared, so why the hell was the dick suddenly cocky again?

Did he actually grow a pair and realised he was about to die, and instead of cowering and begging for his life he was acting like his normal cocky asshole self?

Then I spotted the tiniest movement on the glass of the cabinet behind where Rob was sat.

The movement was so small that if it wasn’t for the fact I was a trained agent I would have no chance of catching it, but I saw the figure approach me from behind on the reflective glass.

I suddenly realised why Rob was unexpectedly so confident. He had backup. Someone else to do his dirty work for him and die doing it.

I kept my eyes on the glass, watching the two people behind me approaching slowly thinking I didn’t know they were there.

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