[60] city of love

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i don't know why they call paris the city of love when you could just take your partner to your hometown and spend it there.

all morning, aurora, javi, and i dragged camile all over los palacios. we stopped at a cafe for breakfast when camile told us she had only been to seville once as a kid after they moved here.

it was news to me too but i wasn't as surprised.

she's a barcelona girl at heart.

i wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else either but i also wouldn't trade where i'm from.

after breakfast, we went to the markets since it was sunday morning. javi and i lost aurora and camile at one point but when we found them, they looked like they had fun spending their money.

"to be fair, i'm allowed to treat myself on my first visit!" she's completely right and the rest of the day played out like that. "so what's your excuse?" i eventually asked aurora at a shop. "i can't let camile shop alone!"

"oh i'm sure you can." i say and motion towards her when both her and javi turn to see her admiring the jewelry from the display case.

"she's so cute." aurora says, still looking in her direction.

"stop staring at my girlfriend."

"camile!" i was going down the stairs calling for her only to see her playing chess with javi on the floor.

"this is stupid." i hear her say when i make it to the bottom.

"es que no tienes paciencia! (it's just you don't have patience!)" aurora and i laugh at the two as she was sat on the couch watching a movie in the living room of our childhood home.

my parents went back to my aunts place for whatever reason and we were left alone.

though, we only had tomorrow and i feel like camile hasn't had the full seville experience. let alone just with me. "are you tired?" i go to ask as i take a seat behind her on the floor. "no, why?" she answers back, helping javi put away the pieces.

"te quiero llevar a la ciudad. (i wanna take you to the city)" i say kinda hushed and kiss the back of her head.

though, i'm fully aware aurora was listening in.

"really? i'd like that." she finally turns around with her face all lit up. "go get your shoes then, i'll wait here." she pecks my lips before piping up and going up the stairs to the room we're staying in.

"que romántico sos. (how romantic you are)"

of course aurora was gonna poke at me as soon as she left. "i liked spending the day with you two but i wanna spend the night as just us."

"and that's good!" javi clarifies. "yeah, it was good thinking on your end." now they're just acting like i don't think at all. "where are you taking her anyways?"

"mostly strolling, but dinner first at the restaurant mom and dad used to always take us to. the one across—"

"la gitana!" i nod at aurora who finished that for me. in time too when i hear camile coming back down. "let's get going so we can at least try to come back early." i say as i start to get up. "don't worry, i'll tell mom and dad."

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