[48] when you know, you know

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i'd be lying if i said the first half wasn't a bore.

we had many good chances yet none of which could make it past sevilla. then again bono's amazing but still.

the second half was about to commence when mikky came back with popcorn. "want some?" she asks before she can even sit down.

and for the first time ever, i say no.

"um, do you need to go to the doctor?" i know. it sounded strange from my end too. "my stomach hurts for some reason." but it isn't just for some reason... it's the nerves building up in me.

eating me alive even. "did you eat something before the game?" i mean i had some fruit but that's about it because i couldn't bring myself to eat knowing that after this game, gavi would have his answer.

"then what's wrong?" she only continues to ask and i just shrug it off. "i'm sure it'll go away. i'm gonna lay off the popcorn for precaution though." she agrees with me knowing it'll only get worse with that. then again the smell is making it hard to stay away from.

by the 57th minute, kessie made a smart pass to jordi and even at a tight angle, he still managed to score.

the stadium erupts and i get up to cheer too. because to be honest the game was also causing me stress. but part of me felt peace knowing i'd finally found out how and what i'd tell gavi. he deserves it for waiting so long after all.

i smile to myself from my seat and sitting right back down as more minutes went by.

i loved the sight of the camp. it's so much more when it's filled with some of the best fans in the world. when it's empty... it feels like ghost town. i quite like the lingering feeling, though. it makes me think back to when i was a kid and sat in some of these seats.

by the 69th minute, we were all on edge.

there was a long pass to raphinha who brought the ball down with ease. he was right in the box when he saw lewandowski.

but nope, it found gavi where he tapped it in.

the camera zooms in on him and we all watch as he kisses the crest and shouts, "vamos! (let's go!)" with the crowd and the sight could not have been any better.

i love his love for barca.

"maybe i should say that."

"say what?" god i hate when i think things aloud. "nothing, sorry." i tell mikky and she goes back to clapping and i join in after realizing how late my reaction is. but i couldn't take my eyes off him and the way he celebrates with everyone.

the stadium erupts with his name too and i can't help but join in either.

it's his first goal with six on his debut.

it was truly meant to be, wasn't it?


the celebrations were only about to begin.

i was so happy for walking down to where we'd all wait for everyone to come out the locker room when fernando shouted that and every other guest joined in.

it's times like these where i can't imagine being any other fan in the world.

kinda what brings us together.

i try to join in on the conversations going on around us in the time being. though, the one fernando and javi were having was not one to be dealt with.

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