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"what do you mean you don't know what they're like?! they're your family, rora."

"i mean like i don't know what they think of people off of first impressions!"

"are you guys done in there? we gotta—"

"no!" both aurora and i yell at her brother from the other side of the door. "escúchame (listen to me), camile,"

well it's like she won't let me not listen. "gavi ha hablado de ti con tanto amor y todos estan muriendo conocer a la chica que le ha estando poniendo la sonrisa a la cara. te juro que les vas a gustar. (gavi has spoken about you with so much love and everyone is dying to know the girl who's been putting the smile on his face. i swear they're going to like you)"

my head tilts and my whole heart was touched by her comforting words.

"and if that doesn't help, who cares! i love you and my parents adore you."

yeah she's right, that really is all the validation i need from his end.

"guys we have to go!"

instead of gavi rushing us, javi grabs our attention and we both go to look at the door for a moment before i slide my last heel on. "we're ready!"

"oh so when he does it you guys comply!"

i was getting out the car when i took in the sight of the nice home. though, i hadn't realized i stared off until i felt gavi's hand go for mine after coming around to my side of the car. "estarás bien, cariño. (you'll be alright, sweetheart)"

i hate that i blushed at his words knowing i was probably already red enough.

we start to walk with aurora and javi leading the way when aurora shoots her head back at us and gives us a big thumbs up to which gavi and i laugh at before a relative opened the door and she fixed up real quick.

"es rora y gavi! (it's rora and gavi!)"

hm... no really one does call him pablo anymore.

i push that thought aside when we get ushered in and both aurora and gavi are embraced in a tight hug from an older family member.

meanwhile, javi and i are awkwardly stood to the side.

"i thought they knew you." i whisper to him. "give it a second." he tells me back and gives me this look. but i soon find out what he's talking about when both siblings get let go of and the woman gives javi the same big hug.

"como has estado (how have you been), javi?!"

"como siempre, espero que tu has estado bien. (like always, i hope that you've been well)"

he's so relaxed and well mannered that i stare at the interaction in awe. it isn't until i felt gavi's hands touch the sides of my arm and his chest was right up against my back.

"tia, esta es camile. mi novia. (aunt, this is camile. my girlfriend)" though we're labeled now, this is the first time he's introduced me as that.

i imagine he uses it a lot with his other friends i have yet to meet but hearing that literally made me feel like there were butterflies in my stomach.

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