[29] almas unidas

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i'm not even the one who had a game that day yet i was the one who had us running late out the house so i had to do my lips in the bumpy car with lucy driving. "could you be a little more careful?" i ask from the backseat as jana laughs at me. "could you have been any slower?"

to be fair, it's rare for me to run late.

but when i heard the news that everyone was arriving, i knew we had to leave.

"at least your dress looks amazing." jana had a point. it was between this and a white one but this one screamed my name. the pink bows really did it for me. not to mention... the gloves.

i loved everything about it and the confidence boost it gave me.

i need it right about now because when i saw lucy struggling to park, i knew we had arrived. "forward parking is the easiest!" i can't believe she can't reverse or do this. "just get out! you're late enough, i'll meet you guys in there." i wanted to ask if she was sure but jana had already swung the door open and grabbed my arm.

"what's the rush?!" i knew we were late but not that late. "i'm excited for you!"

meanwhile i'm still not over the fact that they planned all this. "wait do i look good?!" i ask before strolling past the people behind the rope, all waiting to get in. "what kind of question is that?! of course you do so stop worrying!"

i'm trusting her on this.

we got past security and were led down where i was panicking because i didn't wanna slip on the stairs.

"not used to those, are you?" not this high of heels. i shake my head at her as we finally make it down and she trails behind me. "through there." she points.

"jana, what did you guys—" i was gonna ask what they had planned, but it was way too late to ask.

"surprise!" the whole place exploded with silver and black ballon's the second we made it past the curtains that managed to block all this. it made the surprise even better. "no way." i barely manage to stay.

i'd never seen a place so packed with everyone i love the most. "te miras hermosa! (you look beautiful!)" i still didn't know what to think. it was so obvious that alexia had to pull me in and everyone finally greeted me. "gracias (thanks), ale."

speaking of ale's... "alejandro!"

just a little to alexia's left did i see him trudging through the room. just goes to show how full it was. but he found his way to me. "a little warning next time!" he picked up my hand and lifted it higher for me to do a little spin.

i'd never been more flustered because even through the loud music did i hear whistles all around.

"happy birthday, cami." he finally tells me the same way everyone was trying to.

"stop hogging her!"

"you're saying i'm an object to hog?"

"you're so—" i could go on all day with ansu but i'll let him down easy. "happy birthday, cam." it was rare for people to call me cam. mostly because i didn't like it... but ansu will always be the acceptation.

it's only endless hugs and kisses after that.

when i got to araujo, though, did i swear i was seeing a hologram of a certain someone. "joão?!" i back up slightly from araujo and he turned around at what i was looking at.

"es tu novio?! (he's your boyfriend?!)"

"es mayor que mi. claro que no! (he's older than me. of course not!)" he looks at me a bit weirdly, almost like he doesn't believe me. "cuantos años mas grande? (how many years older?)"

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