[50] the news

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"sit, sit." i advise my parents knowing very well we were about to be here for a minute. and it won't even be because it's a long story to tell, but because i know there are gonna be follow up questions from left to right.

"so i called you guys here to tell you something."

my dad, who was already laid back with his arms crossed took off his shoes and took a deep breath saying, "pues díganos porque ya no quiero esperar. (well tell us because i no longer wanna wait)"

god he has not one ounce of patience.

but it's not like i wasn't stalling. "es sobre gavi. (it's about gavi)"


"okay, we're dating!" the breath i didn't even realize i was holding released into the air and so did the truth. i know it's only been a few days but it still felt weird saying that.

because... we like each other, but nothing has been labeled.

"wait, we're... okay so i like him, right? and he likes me—"


"no it's like we kissed and all and i finally confessed to him but we never... holy shit we never confirmed if we were dating." now i was just rambling. but most of all, i was literally confusing myself and making myself seem like an idiot.

i can't believe i just told them that and it hasn't even been established.

now i have to stand there in front of them embarrassed. and they sensed that when my mom got up to sit me down in between them. "camile, listen. if you snd gavi like each other, you've kissed and what not—"

"which we're about to get to."

"andres," my mom warns and he puts his hands up in defense and i can't necessarily blame him. he's my dad. "no label can explain how much you guys like and feel for each other. se escucha come que todavía hay cosas que tienen que hablar de. (it sounds like there's still things that you guys have to talk about)"

"okay but you guys still had the right to know especially if his know." in a sense. "yeah and why's that?" she asks all of a sudden. "you know how i stayed over?"

"which we're also gonna talk about!"

"pa!" now it was me warning him. "he told you guys when you called; we all went over to his place to celebrate and he did not hide the fact that there was something going on."

"and what'd they say? do they fully know?"

"he's telling them right now actually." she starts to nod slowly till she goes to say, "and how do you think that's going?"

i didn't really think abbot it before she asked. and now i wish she hadn't because i'm thinking about it. "better than what we have going on," but back to the point, "pues que piensan? (well what do you guys think?)"

yes i ran into a wall while telling them, but i still got the word out and they got the message!

"what do you want us to think?" my mom rebuttals... like she always does. "i just really want you guys to like him. that's why i'm asking so i really don't want—"

"and we do!" she exclaimed suddenly and i backed up with my dad. "we?"

"pa!" he's making me worry again. "camile, estoy bromeando. tu mama tiene razón, nos gusta a pablo. (i'm joking. your mom is right, we like pablo)" i'm glad to hear that and all but, how is it this quick when they've interacted once?

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