[27] scheming

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"do we like or no?" lucy says the moment she unveils herself from the curtains of the adidas store to show us the bomber jacket she wants to get. "i only accept thumbs up and down's."

good thing for her, i give it a thumbs up just like everyone else.

well, mostly everyone.

maybe keira's still mad at her for making us postpone. that's the only reason i got to hang out with pablo again yesterday.

"since when are you a purple gal?"

"since when are you this judgmental, keira?" she's been on something these past few weeks that none of us have an explanation for. "i often think about what she said about... you-know-who." jana says 'discreetly.'

"she's not gonna appear if you say her name." i remind her. "right, it's not like she's bloody mary."

"oh my god i remember calling for her in elementary school!" i exclaim.

everyone was so afraid but when i'd go into the bathroom, nothing would happen.

maybe she was afraid of me.

at least that's what i like to think. "anyways, get it so we can go eat already." alexia was clearly getting hangry. "what're we eating anyways?" claudia asks. "i want mcdonalds."

"me too. anything for a wrap."

"they're seriously not that good." but whatever ingrid says.

as we all go to check out our own things, we all decide to place an order to pick up and go to some park to eat at.

"watch us come back to an article like, 'jugadoras del fcb femeni vistas comiendo mcdonalds y viviendo un estilo de vida poco saludable.' (players of fcb femeni seen eating mcdonalds and living and unhealthy lifestyle)"

"it's sad that something like that could happen."

"could, but it's not gonna stop me from eating." mapi's more than right.

we finish checking out and i'm honestly trying to ignore how much i spent at every store.

every time i felt guilty, everyone would remind me that my birthday is this weekend and that i deserve this.

which speaking of which, i bought something to wear if i finally do decide i'm going to do something on that day. as of now, i'm against anything.

we all head to the other side of the center to the mcdonalds, taking it slow and having laughs the whole way there. "what're your plans while we're still on international break?"

that's the thing, we leave on the 16th for friendlies and they have their nation league games while i only have one in the time they're gone. it's not so bad but that just means i won't get to play for what's gonna feel so long.

"i'm gonna miss you guys but you act like you're my only friends."

"right i forgot you actually made friend's with gavi."

"what?!" everyone goes.

... was i missing something? "cami?"

"ale?" shit, i was. "no les dijiste? (you didn't tell them?)" i shake my head slowly just to see everyone else'e reaction. "okay but what did you guys think i was doing in my free time?!"

"nothing like you always say you are!" geyse argues and she's got a point.

i always brushed the fact away from them that i totally forgot to tell them. "i'll explain at the park!"

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