[54] golden

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"are you guys sure this looks good?" especially because i need to look really good tonight. "camile, you look perfect."

i don't know what i did to have fridolina in my life.

this entire team for that matter as they agree with her on the facetime call we're having for my last minute preparations as i start to become doubtful of my choice. "where're you guys going anyways?"

"he still hasn't told me!" though, i did beg to have an idea for how i should dress and all i got was a 'semi-casual but on a nice spring day.'

funny enough that's exactly what today was like which is why i opted for the strapless babydoll blouse and jean skirt. "do you guys think—"

"either you were about to ask if you should change or if he'll like it but who cares, he's here!"

i can't believe they heard the door even if i was in my room with the door shut.

"wish me luck!" i whisper and wave aggressively over the phone as they mimic gross kissing sounds just as i hang up and toss my phone into my purse.

with one last deep breath, i run out my room and try to act natural as i twist the knob and see him standing there with flowers in hand and a paper bag in the other.

yet nothing comes out of either of us.

"perdón, cami, te miras hermosa me distraje. (sorry, cami, you look beautiful i got distracted)" he says and immediately clears his throat and hands me the flowers. "gracias, pablo. tu también te ves muy bien. (thank you, pablo. you also look really good)"

he smiles widely at me before he just bursts out laughing. "what?!" i say, fully panicked as if i did something. "no solo es que estamos actuando como si fuera la primera vez que hablamos. (no it's just that we're acting like this is the first time that we're talking)"

"you felt that too?" i ask, joining in on his laugh and he nods. "then let's skip this part and get going so i can stop worrying about where you're taking us."

he scooted back so i could lock the door so even though i couldn't seem him, his tone changed a bit. "you're worried about where i'm taking you?"

"not in that way, i'm just tired of waiting."

"then come on i don't wanna wait any longer either."


camile once told me she hated the idea of a fancy restaurant on a first date.

i don't even remember at what point where we were still friends that the topic of dates came up, but we sure had a long conversation about it.

funny enough, we both wanted the same thing.

a first date should be getting to enjoy time and getting to know each other; but for camile and i, we were doing it to finally feel like this could work.

though, that's what she thinks right now.

i, though, plan to ask her to be my girlfriend tonight.

i've kept her and even myself waiting to fully have her by my side so tonight's the night.

since that night at the camp nou, i've been wanting to ask but i didn't know how camile felt about moving on so fast considering it took her awhile to even tell me how she felt. so i waited.

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