[45] first impression

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i didn't tell anyone about coming out to camile's game because i wanted to come alone.

she and making a good impression on her parents if i do meet them were the only things that mattered to me.

unfortunately, a lot of people started squealing and i was hearing my name from every direction.

but i didn't stop from finding my seat because it's about her and the team only.

which is why i also grabbed a hoodie so i can cover myself up as i finally sat down and they were just about done with their warm up when they start going into the tunnel and the real game was about to begin.

she was walking alongside aitana when she looked up and i waved. within a second she started waving back frantically with a huge smile on her face.

the game ended and they won with a last minute goal from camile.

no doubt i celebrated just as hard as she did with her team which again had unfortunately caught the attention of the crowd. but it didn't matter to me when i caught the last glimpse of her before the whistle blew and the game came to an end.

when it did, she ran towards the section where i was sat and signaled me to come down considering i was sat a little up high from the bench.

i made my way down to her bright and smiley face when i lean down from the railing and hold the hand she had up for me.

"como lo aces? (how do you do it?)"

"no se pero se que tu estando aquí me ayudo. (i don't know but i know that you being here helped me)"

now more than ever am i glad to be here when i heard that from her. "intentare llegar a todos pues. (i'll try to come to all then)"

"i'd like that," she tells me.

"valentina!" after staring at each other for what felt like forever, she breaks eye contact when a name is yelled to our direction from my right. "it's my parents!" her excitement from before only grew as she was quick go drop my hand.

but i was left confused for a moment.


"i'll come up!" with that, she disappears into the tunnel and my question will have to wait. so i make my way to meet her on the steps where i see her coming down from.

"my neck was hurting from looking up at you."

"but you still are!" i point out when i pull her in for the hug and it's just like i stated... she still has to look up at me. "yeah but at least i'm not breaking my entire neck."

we were so close i felt her breath on my skin which really triggered something in me.

because i know if it were just the two of us... i wouldn't have thought twice about kissing her.

but we can't.

not now, anyways.

"pablo?" she takes a pause from our hug to look up at me as i hum in response. "um... would you wanna come meet my parents?" her voice is hesitant and i don't blame her. but she's met mine... sorta, and i know that before i can move on with camile, i wanna have some sort of approval.

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