[25] late night talking

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he lived like twenty minutes away from me.

the uber dropped me off three minutes ago but i was pacing in his driveway. "just go in already." i think cuz this was the first time i'd been over to his.

he always came around to mine.

i preferred it that way but he insisted on this like i didn't forgive him... again.

it's getting too cold for me to be out here any longer and i eventually have to go in.

the light on the porch to the nice house was on so i just knocked and tucked my hands back into my pockets.

if i'm not mistaken, he still lives with his parents.

just another thing to worry about when i see a figure slowly approaching. but the door swings open and i can finally stop worrying. "hi." i say first. "hey, camile. come in." he opens the door wider for me and i take small steps as he stands in front of me. "i can take your coat."

just as i was taking it off, he came from behind just to put it on the rack to the left. "nice place."

beats my apartment. "well it's my parents but thanks." that clears that up. "you ever gonna move out?"

"why do you think there are boxes down that hall?" he points straight down and i have to squint to see exactly what he's talking about. "how come you didn't tell me?"

"i haven't told anyone! you're the first."

"before pedri?" i ask for clarification. "before pedri."

"way to make me feel special." we laugh before he leads us into the living room where it connects to the kitchen and dining area. "they're not home by the way."

"wouldn't have minded if they were." i play it off as if that wasn't my main concern like two seconds ago.

we go further into the living room and i'm already seeing a movie cranked up.

but that's not even the best part.

"what the—"

"surprise?" all of the coffee table was filled with sweets and foods. "how do you think we're gonna finish all this?!"

"well i told you to come on an empty stomach for a reason!" i listened and i now get why. "you're always up to something."

"aveces. (sometimes)" we smile at each other and go around, "i had a movie set up but you pick instead," he says as he plops down on the couch and i just stand above him as he hands me the remote. "pues siéntase. (well sit down)" he continues to watch me as i awkwardly sit down because part of me still doesn't like... this. "ahora acomodase. (now get comfortable)"

"eso es mas difícil que sentándome. (that's more difficult than sitting down)"

he rolls his eyes at me and puts his attention back to the tv as i scroll through netflix. "you ever watch don't look up?" i ask. "nope, sounds interesting though."

"it's okay. timothèe chalamet is in it though so we have to watch it."

"who?!" that was my fault for thinking gavi knew who that was. "the actor!" i wasn't helping either. "that explains nothing."

"i'll just show you him when he pops up." he agrees and the whole time we were just digging out hands into the bowls he put out. "sour gummy worms or the plain ones?" i ask mid movie.

"eso es difícil. me gustan los dos! (that's difficult. i like both!)" me too which is why i'm glad i'm the one asking. "plain maybe."

sounds like him.

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