[20] supercopa de españa final

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"esta muy frío la agua! (the waters too cold!)" pedri complains from behind me and i agree.

it didn't help that lewandowski jumped in next to me and splashed me to the point where i tipped over from the drops landing on me.

"ya metanse! (get in!)"

i can't hold up any longer, plus my body could use a cool down. so i jump in and immediately my body feels relaxed.

"gavi!" pedri now got a taste of what lewandowski did to me.

i move my hair to the side and go to the wall while i watch everyone else doing their own thing. "everything alright in here?" but lewandowski flicked my head out of nowhere and caught my attention all of a sudden.

"si, porque preguntas? (yeah, why do you ask?)"

"pues escuche que— (well i heard that—)"

"i told you that in secret!" dembélé yells from the other side at him and i find myself looking back at the two simultaneously for an answer. "i need to know if he's okay!"

"why wouldn't i be?!"

"because dembélé told me about—"

"ansu told me!"

"pedri told me!"

"your mom told me i promise!" everyone is blaming someone for something yet i can't get an answer. then i start to wonder what i've told my mom recently, but nothing comes in mind. "about ana."

"hijo de su puta— (son of a bitch—)"

my mom doesn't even know about that. so it really was pedri. "te voy a joder. (i'm gonna fuck you up)" i start to emerge him if it weren't for everyone getting in my way. "no no no, we need both of you for tomorrow."

i look at pedri and try to brush it off because at the end of the day... they were bound to find out.

"i dropped her, let's get that clear."

it's not to offend her, it's just so everyone knows it isn't affecting me. "but what happened?" i think it's pretty self explanatory, i just don't know why i didn't do anything before. "she's a jealous girl. a bit possessive too. but the point is, i didn't wanna deal with that anymore."

unfortunately, she didn't take it too well. "oh then thank god you realized."

"shut up."

the stage was laid out and i had very well in mind that two group of people were watching back home.

one being my entire family, the other being camile.

i make sure to enter with my left and get in the mindset of winning this whole thing.

in this case... for the deal.

the trophy and that are stuck at first place on things i need to accomplish. but i'm sure to get both done before the second half even starts.

i take a deep breath and shake hands with everyone down the line and wait for kick off to commence.

i may not be playing in the midfield, but now more than anything can i prove my ability to play anywhere to everyone.

the whistle blows and the whole thing starts.

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