[53] last minute

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who knew date nights could be rain checked four times.

it was now a few days into april and i can officially say it sucked. the second leg to la copa del rey occurred a few days ago at the bernabeu which is why the last thing i want to think about is my date with gavi when i remember him showing up at more door devastated over that 4-0 loss.

before that, we had just been too busy with training and games and up until now, it just hadn't been talked about.

gavi's been extra harder on himself so i'm giving him that space. he has a game in two days to worry about which is why i guess that adds a fifth which is fine by me.

the talk was well needed and as long as we had it, it'll always be fine by me.

though, word has that to gavi... it isn't.

word by ansu and balde so whose to say actually. but yesterday they came over and started telling me that gavi's been off because he knows he's been putting it off and feels bad.

i've been wanting to talk to him which is why i found the opportunity even if it was over the phone after dinner. everything was clean and i threw myself onto the couch where my phone lay to call him.

it rung for awhile before it just... stopped.

"so he's ignoring me," i say to myself.

he just declined like it was nothing. i won't lie and say i didn't put me off... but then i start to wonder if it was an accident.

but what if it wasn't.

i groan to myself and rub my eyes, thinking about calling again.

i finally decide that i will. if he picks up, i'll just say it was an accident or something. anything besides being desperate to hear his voice.

it starts to ring again and again. but nothing.

it isn't until i start to think about how high the volume is on my phone could be, being right up against my ear that i'm possibly hearing the echos from the hallway outside.

but no, it's not me.

it's him.

i get up immediately from the coach and to the front entrance just to swing it open to see him with a bouquet of flowers, dressed all nicely. "hey—"

"what is wrong with you?!"

"ow!" i hit his chest before he could enter because he was just about to walk in as if i invited him.

"what are you talking about?!"

"well for one, you always tell me when you're coming over. and two, is this you telling me we're finally going out?!"


"no!" notice. i need notice. "cami, i'm sorry—"

"pablo, don't be i just... it's so last minute and it's late and i got back from practice an hour ago and—"

"no, you're right it really is last minute," he takes a pause when he looks at me up and down to see me in my matching set, clearly not made or ready to go out. "really last minute." he says with a breathless chuckle. "keep laughing, i'll leave you out."

"you'd never."

"i won't?"

"no because at the end of the day i still have a key."

"that you made your own copy of!" that day i completely freaked at the fact that i had lost my key and was locked out. obviously the first person i called was gavi to panic to him only for him to laugh at me.

it made the situation worse until he cleared it up that he had it and that he'd be back in an hour.

but i didn't have an hour so he made me wait it out at aurora's place. i never got to thank him for that day but i should've for letting me spend it with her.

she's amazing.

"have you eaten?" i ask as soon as he walks in and takes off his sweaters. "yeah don't worry about me. have you?"

"just finished. you still want something?"

"i got it." of course he does. he was already going through my fridge when he found the gatorade i took from the cafeteria before i left. "i was saving that." i say as he chugs it right in front of me. "theres still some!"

"pablo, there isn't even enough for two sips."

"yes there is... just really small ones." we laugh together before i start to walk back to the living room and he closely followed.

i immediately plopped myself on and he plopped himself on top of me with his head laying on my lap. "you're the reason i wake up sorer tomorrow."

"i'll massage them tonight, shush." he says with the usual smug look he gives me.

"como lo pasaste hoy? (how did you spend today?)" even though i had practice, he had the day off. "well, i spent it planning our date actually."

yeah, now i was starting to feel bad.

"did you?" i ask again and he nods looking up at me. "i'm sorry, pablito." i say, stroking his hair the moment we make eye contact. but he stopped me when he gently grabbed my wrist to intertwine our fingers together. "no te sientas mal, mi amor. (don't feel bad, my love)"

oh but i do.

"what about tomorrow night?"

the room falls silent.

though, i think he's just trying to remember his schedule. "sabes que? podríamos. (y'know what? we could)" like that, i feel way better. "entonces mañana. pero todavía me puedes decir donde me vas a— (then tomorrow. but you can still tell me where you're gonna—)"

"no te voy a decir donde te voy a llevar. vas a tener que esperar hasta mañana. (i'm not gonna tell you where i'm gonna take you. you're gonna have to wait until tomorrow)"

"ay pablo. (oh pablo)" he's so ominous about it and he knows it hate the anticipation of it all.

he knows he is too when he starts laughing and i can see his big smile from down there.

suddenly i'm not all that annoyed.

his laughs stop when i see his hand reach for my neck and pulls out my necklace. "this is really pretty." he points out. "thanks, my dad gave it to me."

growing up an only daughter wasn't all that bad.

yeah i was alone a lot but god did i have all the attention from my parents. i was constantly spoiled by him and this was one of the many pieces i have from him.

"so you've always been a gold girl?"




"yeah... just means you're gonna love what i got you."

i'm taking drivers ed from 6-9pm (rn...) and have to study for my SAT in a week THAT I BARELY FOUND OUT ABT TODAY. also i have to catch up in AP world bc i've been doing anything BUT the assignments...

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