[24] i think

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"i think he's mad at me."

"who?" who else?

i was in the cafeteria with balde and when i called gavi over myself he rolled his eyes at me. "he's such a diva." balde's right and honestly, sometimes i wish his eyes would get stuck back there.

so instead he sat with lewandowski, raphinha and frenkie at some back table.

"what'd you do? what'd you say?!"

"one question at a time!" how do i even go about this with balde?

"i asked about ana." the second i said that and turn to see balde's expression, and it wasn't one i wanted. "yeah i can see why he's mad now." yet no one's telling me why. "so what? they ended on a bad note and he's taking it out on everyone?"

"it wasn't necessarily a bad note, he just chooses not to talk about it. not even i know."

"so... who does?"

"probably lewa, frenkie or pedri... or all three."

oh whatever. "i just want him to answer my texts already." i sent some pretty funny tik toks and i need him to laugh at them too.

he probably hasn't even looked at them for the love of god. "i see this as a good thing."

i turn to look at balde confused again as i picked up more fruit onto my fork. "i have my friend back!" he yells and squeezes me from the side. i laugh with him because he's got a point. i've hardly hung out with him since gavi.

"you should come over tomorrow." i say all of a sudden.

"i'm there. should we invite ansu?" who would we be if we didn't? we nod in sync and laugh before continuing to eat and talk.

and we would've continued if it weren't for—

"la princesa de barca tiene una encomienda! (the princess of barca has a delivery!)" we all turn to xavi's voice and the kick he gave the doors to swing open considering he couldn't even see from the giant assortment of flowers.

"no way." i whisper as he scurries to the table balde and i were at as everyone watches him plop it down. "tip?" he says at the end and i give him a sloppy high five because all my attention is on this beautiful gift.

"who's it from?!" balde asks.

i look around for something, literally anything, but i see nothing. "oh sorry and this card."

xavi passes it to me and it's in a light pink envelope.

yet the front only says, "to the beautiful camile,"

i can't lie and say i wasn't loosing it inside because not only did they get me favorite flowers, but the note was the cherry on top.

so while i acted as calm as i did opening the letter, all i wanted to do was tear it apart.

the wait would be over when i flipped it open to read the sort of messy hand writing,

dear camile,
heard your birthday was around the corner so i thought i'd deliver pretty flowers to a pretty girl.
i hope you like them and that they've made it in time. have an amazing birthday and an amazing rest of your season.
chances are that i won't see you again soon even though i'd like to, but i'd gladly make the time for you if you'd like.
lot's of love,
jude bellingham. x

"um, camile?"

only the biggest smile was plastered on my face. it was so big that the light could bounce off them. they were even starting to hurt from smiling so hard. "god he's perfect."

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