[34] at it again

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"are you done?"

"como que 'are you done?' cuando jugaste ese juego sabiendo que iba llueve?! (what do you mean 'are you done?' when you played that game knowing it was going to rain?!)"

"it's my job, ma!" no matter how much i explained, i knew her lecture wasn't gonna end anytime soon. "ya déjala (leave her already), valentina."

i can hear my dad try to resonate with her over the phone like he always does.

i laugh a little when they start to bicker but i sneeze without muting like i'd been doing this entire time so all attention was back on me. "ya ves! (you see!)"

i'm not gonna lie and say i wasn't holding in my laugh no matter how sick i was.

"solo me resfríe, pasara. (i just got a cold, it'll pass)" especially because i have a week and a half to get better before the league starts up again and my friends come home. "ojalá. (hopefully)" she says, still very much annoyed at me.

"por lo menos ganaron. verdad, cami? (at least you guys won. right, cami?)"

damn right we did.

"ay tu también? (oh you too?)" by now all my mom was doing was making my dad and i laugh.

i wish the call would last longer and i could catch them up without her bickering at me, but i received a knock on the door. "hay alguien en la puerta, me tengo que ir. (there's someone at the door, i have to go)" i tell them.

"entonces hablamos otro día, mija. cuidase y tome la medicina que mando tu mama. (then we'll talk another day, daughter. take care and take the medicine that your mom sent)"

i start nodding like they can even see me before i respond one last time.

"te amo (i love you), val."

"yo mas (me more), ma." i'd love her more if she'd stop calling me by my middle name, but i end the call and run to the door to not waste more time.

when i got close, there was another hard knock and i pick up my pace, slightly annoyed that whoever was doing this thought it was necessary. "ya voy! (i'm coming!)" i yell as i approach the long hallway with the warm socks vicky gifted me for my birthday and unlock the door.

"avía alguna razón que tocaste tan— (was there a reason you knocked so—)"



"camile!" there wasn't another thought in mind when i slammed the door on gavi for him to yell at me again. i acted and didn't even think so now this would be a whole other thing.

so i take a deep breath once more before i opened it... just not as wide as the first time. "they're supposed to repair my door soon... it'll slam shut if i don't hold it."

i just hope he buys that. though, theres not one expression on his face that tells me anything.

it's just his piercing eyes looking into mine.

"you're back." he tells me. but like that, they go soft in a split second. "yeah, just yesterday morning."

when i landed, i got straight into a taxi and plopped myself onto my couch.

i slept the whole day before i woke up to eat and shower because i thought my cold had settled a little... till it came back this morning. "you sound sick."

"i am sick." i confirm and he gives me a faintest smile i've seen for what felt like forever.

"i assumed after watching your game at frenkie's... kinda why i'm here." so they did watch it... and he was there.

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