[8] third wheel

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"i'll get the cups." so what if i gave into making frenkie and mikky dinner? i had to see her after all. "thanks."

it was the least she could do after i set the table with their favorite foods of mine.

"i'll never understand how you learnt all this."

me either. my mom's from mexico but born and  raised in the US; so was i. my dad was born here in barcelona, yet she learned to make all his favorite foods.

growing up, he always made sure to remind her that she didn't have to, but she couldn't afford to do that.

it was her way of showing her love for him.

"i bet your dad's living it up in mexico." he really is. he loves it. "yeah but sometimes i wonder how he could just leave barcelona like that."

the good thing is, they're back ever few months for a visit.

but seriously, i love it too much here. but i also spent a lot of my childhood vacations over there so i totally get where he's coming from.

"well dig in before it gets cold." i tell them and they both pick up their knife and fork at the same time. "you guys really are linked together." sometimes i forget they've been together for eight years. it almost makes me sick. "when're you gonna find someone?"

"when is someone gonna find me? i've been waiting for years!"

"you're only seventeen." frenkie reminds me but he just doesn't get it so i'm choosing to ignore him. "a little relationship wouldn't hurt camile." mikky tells him.

"but you're already constantly complaining about having so much on your plate—"

"can a girl not dream anymore?"

is it so much to wanna have a cute relationship, doing cute things couples would do like dates and showing affection?! "one day." but i get where they're coming from. it's a joke i like to make but i really do not care about my status. "do you even like anyone right now?"

"well since we're here to catch up," i scoot in my seat in and immediately i can feel the way everyone's soul just lifted, including jagger their dog. "y'know joão neves?"


"he texted me days before the gala and i responded in a matter of thirty minutes."

"that's literally your new record."

i usually let the text marinate for an hour. plus, i need people to think i have a life outside of my job. but in reality i spend my time off at home trying to catch up with the rest of the world.

"what'd he say?!" i can't lie and say i didn't have to try and remember the portugués i had a certain someone teach me to translate his text. "he called me pretty in portugués and said he'd love to meet in person one day."

"did you agree?" not exactly. "i hit him back with a 'i'd love to! i'm always free' with my favorite emoji."

"the blushing jazz hands one?!"

bingo. they both laugh at me because they know that's how i get a conversation to slow down a bit. "when you meet him, tell him to stop tucking in his shirt like that."

"leave him alone!" i say in defense like frenkie isn't just the tiniest bit of right.

"he has such a baby face now thinking about it." okay but so does frenkie but i don't see mikky pointing that out. "we'll see how it goes." i don't see him texting back or myself if he does.

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